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 40 REASONS WHY THE E..>2017-06-01 04:00 356M 
 50 AWESOME FACTS ABO..>2017-06-01 04:51 213M 
 ANALYSIS OF SPIRITUA..>2017-06-01 05:21 245M 
 ANALYSIS OF THE SPIR..>2017-06-01 06:10 260M 
 BATTLING THE THOU SH..>2017-06-01 06:44 284M 
 CANDIDATE OF DEEP DE..>2017-06-01 07:53 251M 
 BREAKING THE POWER O..>2017-06-01 08:01 318M 
 CONNECTING TO THE DR..>2017-06-01 09:34 237M 
 CONFRONTING THE MYST..>2017-06-01 09:41 291M 
 CONNECTING TO THE SW..>2017-06-01 11:09 295M 
 CRAZY WORLD CRAZY FA..>2017-06-01 11:25 228M 
 CRUSHING POLYGAMOUS ..>2017-06-01 12:40 280M 
 CRUSHING THE POWER O..>2017-06-01 13:05 281M 
 CRUSHING THE YOKE OF..>2017-06-01 14:26 332M 
 CRUSHING THE YOKE OF..>2017-06-01 14:54 244M 
 CRUSHING THE YOKES O..>2017-06-01 15:44 239M 
 CRUSHING YOUR SIEGE.wmv2017-06-01 16:28 195M 
 DEALING WITH THE ENE..>2017-06-01 16:41 212M 
 DECODING THE PRAYER.wmv2017-06-01 17:49 218M 
 DEEP QUESTIONS.wmv 2017-06-01 18:52 275M 
 DEEP TROUBLES, DEEP ..>2017-06-01 20:09 309M 
 DELIVER YOUR FAMILY ..>2017-06-01 20:44 336M 
 DELIVER YOUR GLORY.wmv 2017-06-01 20:58 300M 
 DELIVERANCE OF THE F..>2017-06-01 21:25 241M 
 DELIVERANCE OF THE F..>2017-06-01 22:01 238M 
 DELIVERANCE OF THE H..>2017-06-01 22:15 239M 
 DELIVERANCE OF THE H..>2017-06-01 22:43 203M 
 DESTROYING THE ARCHI..>2017-06-01 22:59 232M 
 DRAG THEM TO COURT.wmv 2017-06-01 23:41 292M 
 EVIL HANDS ON INNOCE..>2017-06-01 23:54 273M 
 FIRST FRUIT OFFERING..>2017-06-02 00:17 199M 
 FROM DECELERATION TO..>2017-06-02 01:18 390M 
 GOD'S TROUBLE MAKERS..>2017-06-02 01:28 368M 
 HOLY SPIRIT IN THE D..>2017-06-02 01:49 142M 
 HOW CAN THESE THINGS..>2017-06-02 02:09 219M 
 I CLAIM DIVINE PRESC..>2017-06-02 02:48 282M 
 I PLUG MY HEAD INTO ..>2017-06-02 03:10 299M 
 I PLUG MY HEAD INTO ..>2017-06-02 03:31 210M 
 I SHALL NOT MISS THE..>2017-06-02 04:04 305M 
 I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU..>2017-06-02 04:28 253M 
 IS ANYTHING TOO HARD..>2017-06-02 04:54 242M 
 IT IS NOT YET OVER.wmv 2017-06-02 05:24 279M 
 LIBERATING THE COVEN..>2017-06-02 06:05 314M 
 MY STORY MUST CHANGE..>2017-06-02 06:56 254M 
 MFM 25TH ANNIVERSARY..>2017-06-02 07:08 542M 
 O GOD DELIVER OUR HO..>2017-06-02 07:52 226M 
 NEW YEAR SERVICE 201..>2017-06-02 08:20 376M 
 O GOD MAKE ME A WOND..>2017-06-02 08:53 221M 
 DELIVERANCE AS GOD'S..>2017-06-02 09:07 195M 
 OH GOD PERFECT WHAT ..>2017-06-02 09:31 266M 
 OVERCOMING PROFITLES..>2017-06-02 09:35 209M 
 50 AWESOME FACTS ABO..>2017-06-03 09:04 206M 
 ARROWS OF SHAME LOCA..>2017-06-03 09:57 320M 
 BREAKING ETHNIC AND ..>2017-06-03 09:57 275M 
 CHILDHOOD PROBLEMS.wmv 2017-06-03 10:28 192M 
 CONNECTING TO THE GO..>2017-06-03 11:04 234M 
 CANDIDATES OF DEEP D..>2017-06-03 11:46 417M 
 CONNECTING TO THE GR..>2017-06-03 12:01 376M 
 CRUSHING THE POWER O..>2017-06-03 12:46 323M 
 CONNECTING TO THE LI..>2017-06-03 13:29 345M 
 CRUSHING THE POWERS ..>2017-06-03 13:51 397M 
 CRUSHING THE YOKE OF..>2017-06-03 14:16 238M 
 CRUSHING THE YOKE OF..>2017-06-03 14:20 159M 
 DEALING WITH THE SPI..>2017-06-03 14:44 266M 
 100 SIGNS THAT YOU A..>2017-06-09 19:00 227M 
 POWER AGAINST MYSTER..>2017-06-09 19:12 290M 
 POWER AGAINST THE EN..>2017-06-09 20:28 305M 
 POWER AGAINST THE EN..>2017-06-09 20:36 337M 
 POWER AGAINST THE GR..>2017-06-09 21:05 171M 
 POWER OF DIVINE BENE..>2017-06-09 21:36 314M 
 POWER TO START AND F..>2017-06-09 21:51 214M 
 QUENCHING THE RAGE O..>2017-06-09 22:12 284M 
 RECEIVING POWER AGAI..>2017-06-09 23:22 221M 
 RECOVERING WHAT THE ..>2017-06-09 23:23 205M 
 SPEAK EVIL OF NO MAN..>2017-06-10 00:59 239M 
 SPEAK WOE UNTO FAILU..>2017-06-10 01:02 237M 
 STOP THEM BEFORE THE..>2017-06-10 02:41 297M 
 SPOILING THE SPOILER..>2017-06-10 02:41 264M 
 SKELETONS IN YOUR GR..>2017-06-10 17:19 209M 
 SKELETONS IN YOUR GR..>2017-06-10 17:20 212M 
 SPIRITUAL HOUSE SANI..>2017-06-11 07:49 215M 
 THE AWESOME GOD.wmv 2017-06-11 07:59 311M 
 THE BATTLE AGINST TH..>2017-06-11 08:36 195M 
 THE BATTLE AGAINST W..>2017-06-11 08:54 331M 
 THE BEAUTIFUL GATE C..>2017-06-11 09:25 227M 
 THE COMPANY OF HOLY ..>2017-06-11 10:01 302M 
 THE COMPANY OF THE U..>2017-06-11 10:03 199M 
 THE DYNAMICS OF VIOL..>2017-06-11 10:56 219M 
 THE DESTRCUTIVE SLEE..>2017-06-11 10:58 350M 
 THE EVIL CRY OF YOUR..>2017-06-11 15:33 229M 
 THE EMBARGO ON THE H..>2017-06-11 15:48 317M 
 THE GEOGRAPHY OF ATT..>2017-06-11 16:09 236M 
 THE GOD THAT KILLETH..>2017-06-11 16:34 180M 
 THE GOD WHO DOETH HA..>2017-06-11 16:54 210M 
 THE GREAT PRAYER KIL..>2017-06-11 17:02 179M 
 THE JEALOUS GOD.wmv 2017-06-11 17:13 136M 
 THE LADDER OF DARKNE..>2017-06-11 17:54 137M 
 THE GOD THAT KILLETH..>2017-06-11 18:06 225M 
 THE LAST GREAT BATTL..>2017-06-11 18:37 231M 
 THE LAST MINUTE MIRA..>2017-06-11 18:52 243M 
 THE MODERN PRISONERS..>2017-06-11 19:28 224M 
 THE MYSTERIOUS BLOOD..>2017-06-11 19:40 266M 
 THE MYSTERIOUS POWER..>2017-06-11 21:04 418M 
 THE MYSTERIOUS POWER..>2017-06-11 21:07 491M 
 THE MYSTERY OF ANCES..>2017-06-11 21:43 149M 
 THE MYSTERIOUS WEAPO..>2017-06-11 22:11 354M 
 THE MYSTERY OF BAD M..>2017-06-11 23:11 356M 
 THE MYSTERY OF DIVIN..>2017-06-11 23:29 281M 
 THE MYSTERY OF EVIL ..>2017-06-12 00:07 254M 
 THE MYSTERY OF PRAYI..>2017-06-12 01:42 237M 
 THE MYSTERY OF MARIN..>2017-06-12 01:54 280M 
 THE MYSTERY OF RODS.wmv2017-06-12 02:29 219M 
 THE MYSTERY OF SATAN..>2017-06-12 02:38 196M 
 THE MYSTERY OF SEED ..>2017-06-12 03:17 230M 
 THE MYSTERY OF SOUL ..>2017-06-12 03:26 228M 
 THE MYSTERY OF SPIRI..>2017-06-12 04:04 227M 
 THE MYSTERY OF THE F..>2017-06-12 04:53 452M 
 THE MYSTERY OF THE H..>2017-06-12 06:07 389M 
 THE MYSTERY OF THE H..>2017-06-12 06:20 613M 
 THE MYSTERY OF THE M..>2017-06-12 06:53 192M 
 THE MYSTERY OF THE M..>2017-06-12 06:59 212M 
 THE MYSTERY OF THE S..>2017-06-12 07:40 268M 
 THE MYSTERY OF THE R..>2017-06-12 08:39 496M 
 THE MYSTERY OF YOKE ..>2017-06-12 09:07 440M 
 THE NIGHT BRIGADES O..>2017-06-12 09:33 256M 
 THE PERILS OF POWERL..>2017-06-12 10:00 248M 
 THE PERILS OF POWERL..>2017-06-12 10:06 215M 
 THE POWER OF DIVINE ..>2017-06-12 10:44 252M 
 THE POWER OF VIOLENT..>2017-06-12 11:16 280M 
 THE PRINCIPLE OF SPI..>2017-06-12 11:25 265M 
 THE PROBLEM OF ENVIR..>2017-06-12 12:08 221M 
 THE PROBLEM OF COLLE..>2017-06-12 12:17 286M 
 THE PROBLEM OF FAMIL..>2017-06-12 12:57 296M 
 THE PROBLEM OF INTER..>2017-06-12 13:05 195M 
 THE PROBLEM OF THE W..>2017-06-12 13:50 224M 
 THE PROBLEM OF JINXE..>2017-06-12 13:56 287M 
 THE PROBLEM OF THE W..>2017-06-12 14:39 245M 
 THE PROBLEM OF TROUB..>2017-06-12 14:51 249M 
 THE PROBLEMS OF BLOO..>2017-06-12 15:18 276M 
 CRUSHING THE SEAL OF..>2017-06-12 16:23 246M 
 THE RAGE OF SCORPION..>2017-06-12 16:51 374M 
 THE RAGE OF THE SILE..>2017-06-12 17:20 283M 
 THE RAGE OF THE SPIR..>2017-06-12 17:55 323M 
 THE SCHOOL OF POWER ..>2017-06-12 18:06 226M 
 THE SCHOOL OF POWER ..>2017-06-12 18:43 239M 
 THE SECRETS YOU NEED..>2017-06-12 19:13 327M 
 THE SHALLOW CHRISTIA..>2017-06-12 19:33 256M 
 THE SPIRIT OF PENINN..>2017-06-12 20:18 308M 
 THE SUN SHALL NOT SM..>2017-06-12 20:32 304M 
 THE SURVIVAL AGENDA.wmv2017-06-12 20:54 185M 
 THE TRAGEDY OF FAMIN..>2017-06-12 21:43 340M 
 THE TRAGEDY OF INGRA..>2017-06-12 21:45 258M 
 THE WATERS THAT KILL..>2017-06-12 22:19 169M 
 THE TROUBLESOME TREE..>2017-06-12 22:28 233M 
 THE WICKED DESIRE.wmv 2017-06-12 22:50 120M 
 THE WEAKNESS OF YOUR..>2017-06-12 23:10 267M 
 THE WICKED INTERCHAN..>2017-06-12 23:41 253M 
 THEY HAVE STARTED TO..>2017-06-13 00:15 177M 
 THE WICKED MUST EXPI..>2017-06-13 00:17 316M 
 TIME FOR FAVOR.wmv 2017-06-13 00:48 174M 
 TIME TO ARISE AND SH..>2017-06-13 01:11 272M 
 TIME TO SURRENDER.wmv 2017-06-13 01:37 247M 
 WHEN DEMONS ARE IN Y..>2017-06-13 01:54 223M 
 WICKEDNESS MUST DIE.wmv2017-06-13 02:17 196M 
 WOMAN LOOSE THYSELF.wmv2017-06-13 03:07 245M 
 WOE UNTO WICKEDNESS.wmv2017-06-13 03:09 370M 
 YOUR DESTINY & YOUR ..>2017-06-13 03:37 162M 
 YOUR BATTLES AND YOU..>2017-06-13 04:20 328M 
 YOUR DESTINY AND EVI..>2017-06-13 04:48 335M 
 YOUR PERSONAL COURT ..>2017-06-13 05:55 293M 
 YOUR MOUTH AS A WEAP..>2017-06-13 06:22 580M 
 YOUR PROPHET AND YOU..>2017-06-13 06:38 185M 
 YOUR PROPHET AND YOU..>2017-06-13 06:55 254M