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Dr. D. K. Olukoya

If you are a black person you must pray the prayers in this message the way you had never prayed before. There are so many things in the background of the black man that are pulling him backward.

God might have a purpose for your life but your family idols could tie you down. You want to move ahead but they would not allow you, because of the hold they have on your family. You had prayed and God showed you a revelation that you have to fly as an eagle and just as your eagle was about to take off, a strongman stood on the way, and said, “Where are you flying to? No one has ever flown in this family.” And you said, “I must fly.” But he said, “We shall call upon what we have planted in your life now and we shall see how you will succeed.” The truth is that whether you are a pastor, a priest, or a born again Christian filled with the Holy Ghost, as far as these materials are still in your life, they would pull you back. You will make heaven, no problem, but you would have lived a second- class life.

It is a fact that the percentage of black men doing very well is very low compared to the population of the world. It is in this part of the world that money meant for ten million people is carted away by one person and yet he cannot finish spending that money in ten years. That is one of the demons of the black man. We need to address it. If your lot is part of that money and someone is already sitting on it, where will you get it? Unless the Lord helps you, it will be a hard thing.

1 Samuel 30: 8: “And David inquired of the Lord, saying, Shall I pursue after this troupe? Shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue, for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all.” In the above passage, we see three things: to pursue, to overtake and to recover. That is, if you do not pursue, you cannot overtake because the enemy is not standing still. You have to run after him and when you overtake him, you will then recover from him. Psalm 18: 37 : “I have pursued mine enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were consumed.” That is the position of Scripture. It is the lot of champions to pursue their enemies and not for their enemies to pursue them. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case for many. Psalm 126: I: “When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion we were like them that dream.”

A long time ago, a certain brother wrote the School Certificate examination and made As in all his seven papers. That was when the standard was still high. He also sat for the Cambridge General Certificate of Education A level examination and came out with As as well. He was very brilliant. He made further efforts and travelled abroad where he made a first class honours in Mathematics. He came back to Nigeria and for six years, he was unable to secure employment. In those days, the Beetle car was sold for N2, 000.00 and before people left the university, employers were already coming for them. Employers came to the schools to look for people who would like to work for them. Yet, here was somebody with a Cambridge Certificate and a First class honours degree without a job. One day, as he was roaming the streets as he normally did, he came across a man advertising a crusade which was to hold later in the evening. He attended the crusade and what the preacher said that day sounded very strange to him. He did not preach like the pastor in his church. He talked about buried virtues. And after the preaching, he said everybody should space out and begin to pray that all their buried virtues should be exhumed, in the name of Jesus. The man prayed as he had never done before. As he did so, the Lord opened his eyes and he saw an angel and a woman standing by him. The angel said to the woman, “Madam, release his virtue.” She said, “I want to, but when I buried it, there was no river there but now there is one there.” The angel said, “I did not ask you whether there was a river or not, bring out his virtue.” Suddenly, the woman said, “I have found it.” And she brought out something that looked like a wedding present and handed it over to the brother. He felt the weight of the thing. This happened at the crusade while he was still praying. When he opened his eyes he found that it was a vision and he was really amazed. The following day, as he was in the street again, somebody parked a car by his side and said, “Hello.” He looked at the car, it was a very expensive one. He found that the fellow inside was a former classmate of his whom he used to teach mathematics and was the poorest in the class. He asked him when he came back from England and he said, “Six years ago.” He also asked him where he was working and he told him he was still unemployed. The man was surprised to know that such a brilliant person could not find a job. But that was his situation. The enemy did not stop him from going to Cambridge or getting a first class degree but he made sure that the certificates were of no use to him. The man invited him to his office and introduced him to his managing director and he was employed immediately and given a car and accommodation of his choice. He got everything after he had recovered his virtues from the destroyer.

Beloved, it is time for you to recover your asset from the destroyer. When the purpose for which God created you is stolen, then your destiny is buried. In such a case, the enemy has not stolen the destiny but the purpose for it. Many people do not know the purpose for their lives. When your harvest or goal is buried, it means that your achievement too is buried. Likewise, when your soul is stolen then your eternity too is buried.

Unless there is a contest, nobody can win. Unless you pursue, you cannot overtake. Prayers cannot be answered unless they are prayed. Many things have been stolen from the black man and kept in the devil’s bank. Many people’s resources are stored in various satanic banks. Where are these banks located? They are in seven locations:

1. The second heaven: There is a bank there where people’s blood and virtues are stored.

2. The atmosphere around the earth: A person’s destiny can be floating in the air. Such a person would be drifting. A drifter would say, “I took the City and Guild exam., Banking exam, Insurance exam, etc. There are many men and women who are drifting from one bed to another. When someone sleeps on about 20 beds in one month, he or she is a drifter and is busy distributing satanic magnets.

3. Evil trees: In our environment, you can find some trees covered with white clothes and they call them sacred. These are evil trees. I have seen witches confessing that they hold their meeting in the trees. Things like money, underwears and wedding rings belonging to people are kept in these trees.

4. Rocks: It is a common knowledge that rocky cities are plagued by poverty because most of the wealth of the areas is in the rocks. There are rock demons.

5. Water: This one is everywhere, especially in the south.

6. The earth.

7. Human beings: It is possible to take a person’s virtues and hide them in another person’s body and the person in whose body they are hidden would be operating with them. For example, a person’s brain can be stolen and given to another person.

The devil is an intensely evil being. There is no goodness in him at all, just as there is no badness in God. God is altogether good and the devil is altogether bad. If he gives you money, he would collect it with interest. Jesus has nothing good to say about the devil. He said he has come to steal, to kill and to destroy. He has stolen so many things from people.

The devil has stolen so much of what the Lord has set aside for us. It is very sad. If a lot of people knew what they know now about 20 years ago, I am sure they would be much better than what they are now. Many years ago, some people listened to the devil and now they are reaping the result. If Job knew that it was the devil that was behind his case, he would not remain in the problem for more than one day, but he thought it was God. His friends said it was his sin. His wife said, “Curse God and die.”

The devil is the most successful thief in the universe. Somebody who is not interested in stealing your television but wants to steal your eyes, is a big thief. Of course, what is the use of television when the eyes have gone. He steals joy, children, money, home, peace, possession, wives, husbands, etc.

It is sad but true that many inheritances of the saints are locked up in satanic banks and used for financing the kingdom of darkness. We must use the opportunity of this message to serve a quit notice to Satan and all his agents. For too long, they have robbed the saints of God and have demolished the quality of their lives, taking the lion’s share of their possession. We have to recover them.

Thieves use different techniques. A thief can decide to come when you are not at home. He can decide to tell lies. Some are armed robbers. All these techniques are in the hands of the devil. This calls for warfare. Sometime ago, I met a lady who came all the way from London to Nigeria for deliverance. I asked her if she had done deliverance before? She said, “Yes, pastor. “How did it go?” I asked her. She said, “I went to the pastor and he asked me to sit down. He gave me a cup of coffee and as I was sipping it, he prayed for me. After about three minutes, he said I was delivered.” Coffee deliverance? The battle is much more serious than that.

The devil is still bent on unserious deliverance that is why the Bible says that Jesus has come to undo the work of the devil.


The enemy is out to destroy destinies and his most lethal weapon is sin. We should fight against this weapon with all our might. There is something called the trinity of destruction. It comprises sin, death and hell. They are triplets. Sin will kill a person, death will reap the person like harvest, and hell fire, the bank of the iniquity, will keep the person. The Bible even says that hell fire has been expanded. There is also something called a cycle of sin. Someone commits fornication, collects demons from his or her partner and transfers it to another person who in turn takes it to another person and the circle of sin continues like that. Someone commits fornication and it results in a child out of wedlock. Because the child is out of wedlock, he automatically comes under a curse of 10 generations as pronounced by the Bible. The child becomes a vagabond and a criminal and goes to rape someone else and the sin continues. Or a lady commits fornication, gets pregnant and aborts it. Then the spirit of abortion takes over and she becomes a prostitute or she catches a disease and it begins to torment her life or she spreads it around and the circle of sin continues. Take any other sin and you will find that it operates like a circle. A person gets drunk and begins to misbehave and the sin continues.

The world is a trap of a satanic network of sin, which leads to death. The cycle of death is highly organized to sustain the reign of Satan. Where sin reigns, evil is established and demons thrive. If you want to destroy the destroyer you must depart from sin. Others may be doing it but you cannot. Take a good self-examination of your life, then you can destroy the destroyer.


1. Demon gods: These are in all tribes of our states. Their names are attached to our names. People worship and reverence them. They rule over mankind. Many use them against others. If they are not worshipped, they protest. A priest would come and say, “There is problem in this community because the gods are unhappy.” They would gather things together and give to the idols.

A small girl of about 16 ran to Lagos after being raped by her own father because that was what the idol said he should do so that he would not be chased out of the village. The girl lost her virginity to her own father, yet the idol was not satisfied. It wanted her to lose one of her ears too so, she ran to Lagos. They demand to be worshipped and when a person refuses to worship them, there would be problem. It would take a serious fight for the person to recover what they have taken from him when he was serving them. They would say, “When your childhood and placenta are still with us, where do you think you are going?” So, you must learn to pray fire prayers.

These idols have their secret places of worship. Many families have family shrines. Some carry theirs to the cities. Some hide theirs underneath their beds and would say, “Well, when the name of Jesus becomes too problematic to call, I will go back to my shrine.” I feel sorry for such people because the idols will slap them on one side of the face and Jesus will slap them on the other side.

The whole nation worships them. Sacrifices are offered to them before bridges are built, if not, workers at the bridges would sink. Unfortunately, many people are bearing their names. They hold the black man in captivity. We must destroy their powers, if we must move. If you do not want your eagle caged, you must destroy them.

2. The strongman: As revealed by Jesus in Luke 11:22, a strongman is a demon assigned to a person, place, family or community. He is the one in charge. He is armed with offensive weapon to wipe off anybody who wants to release his captives. He can rob people of their sight, speech and abundant life. There is a difference between the strongman and the demon god. The strongman does not need worship. He is a wicked spirit assigned to a person. When the strongman of a person’s life is the same as the person’s spirit wife or spirit husband then the person is finished unless he can pray. He will scatter everything that the person wants to do, like marriage, business, etc. The strongman steals from people such things as prospects, joy, understanding, etc. He can cut a person’s soul and steal something. He can even steal human parts like legs and eyes and can put people to poverty. All the things that people require to enjoy are in his custody. He holds them captive, the way you keep a guard in the gate of your house. But thank God, he can be overpowered. He can be disarmed. He can be dislodged. Stolen valuables in his hands can be recovered. His captives can be set free by the finger of God.

A sister got married and at the reception, her mother -in-law said to her, “I am the senior wife and you are the junior one.” The sister said, “Mummy, what are you talking about?” She said, “Number two, you should only move where I want you to move.” The sister said, “We are still at the reception and you are talking like this.” She said, “Immediately you enter, I am coming to stay with you.” The sister thought it was a joke. But one week after the wedding, she lost the use of her two legs. The mother –in-law was living there and was giving the sister whatever she wanted, until one day the sister prayed and the strongman was destroyed.

3. Serpents and scorpions: These are Satan’s most crowned demonic forces. They roam about the earth. Their weapon is their mouth and tail. They capture men by sex. Many men have fallen and many are still falling. They sting people. They poison to kill. They are responsible for inflicting sicknesses upon people. Sometimes when you pray well, you can see them in a vision. They possess people. Sometimes, they come in human form. They are very much around, stalking the unsaved. They also attack saints who have broken the edge. Once the edge of protection is broken they move in. For example, if as a Christian you shout at somebody like this, “Shut up and keep quiet, your father is mad,” he has removed the hedge. At a school of deliverance, one of the lessons taught is that anger is the gateman at the door. What is its duty? When anger comes upon you, it opens the door and asks hypertension and all kinds of sicknesses to come in. And by the time you say, “It is all right, I have calmed down,” they are already inside. Even if you were born again, they would enter because you have broken the hedge. It is a law.

4. Wild beasts: Some people call them spoilers of the vine, the small foxes that spoil the vine. These are evil spirits. They do not necessarily possess anybody but they try to associate with people. They are destroyers and devourers and they do not like to lose their ground. They are armed and can go from family to family. They can kill and they destroy health, family and control harlots. They take delight in spoiling things, that is why Psalm 91 talks about the lion and the adder which are wild beasts. They are among us and when they act, you would say, “Is this one a human being? How can a man of 40 years rape a two-month old baby?”

5. Fowlers: They are in the same group as the birds. They set nests to capture birds. They can capture a person’s soul.

6. Oppressors: Satan is called an oppressor but we thank God because the Bible says that Jesus has come to destroy all his works.

7. Captors: The Bible says in Luke 13 that one woman was bound by satan for 18 years.

8. Tormentors.

The reason we go into this kind of message is that there are some people now whose virtues are bound but they do not even know. The prodigal son eventually discovered that he was no longer in the place of blessing, the Bible says that he wondered, “Was I under the influence of drug or was I drunk? What am I doing here when my father has everything? I shall go back to my father.” Immediately he said that, things began to happen. You must take back your possession which the destroyer has captured.


  1. I pursue and overtake every family strongman, in the name of Jesus.

  2. Point your finger to the heavenlies and prayer like this: satanic bank in the heavenlies, release my virtues now, in the name of Jesus.

  3. I arise by fire from every bondage, in the name of Jesus.

  4. Every hunter of the eagle of my life, die, in Jesus’ name.

  5. Every evil rope pulling me away from my place of blessing, break, in the name of Jesus.

  6. Every consequence of family idol worship in my life, break, in the name of Jesus.

  7. Every consequence of family marine worship in my life, break, in the name of Jesus.

  8. Every consequence of parental mistake in my life, break, in the name of Jesus.

  9. Every consequence of family witchcraft upon my life, break, in the name of Jesus.

  10. I pursue, I overtake and I recover, in the name of Jesus.

  11. I pursue and overtake the strongman, in the name of Jesus.

  12. You stubborn strongman, release my asset, in the name of Jesus.