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Dr. D. K. Olukoya

Our topic is taken from the book of Job13:4 which says, “But ye are forgers of lies, ye are all physicians of no value."

Pray like this: “Lord, choose me for miracles and let your presence be profitable to me as I read this magazine, in the name of Jesus.

We have to cry like this to the Lord because in the Bible although Jesus never refused anyone who came to Him, yet He did not proclaim healing or universal liberty to all captives. The truth therefore is that some captives may die in their captivity even though they have encountered the Liberator. Some sick people may die in their sicknesses even though they have encountered the Healer. Jesus never proclaimed resurrection for all the dead. For example, the Bible says that when He was at the pool of Bethesda, there was a multitude of impotent folk, the blind, the hurt and the withered. But He just passed by them and picked only one man out and healed him. When Jesus was at the grave of Lazarus, He called Lazarus to come forth. The rest of the dead still remained there. Also though Jesus came to set the captives free, He left His own cousin, John the Baptist, to stay in jail until his head was cut off.

In the story of Jacob, we see that the only person who could save Jacob made every effort to get away from him. He said to Jacob, “Let me go, for it will soon be daylight.” But Jacob said, “I would not let you go unless you bless me.” Let us also look at two New Testament Scriptures to buttress our point. Mark 6: 48 says, “And he saw them toiling in rowing; for the wind was contrary unto them: and about the fourth watch of the night he cometh unto them, walking upon the sea and would have passed by them.” This was Jesus. He saw His disciples troubled in the sea. In spite of the fact that He knew they had problems, He set His face as if He was going to pass by and the Bible says that He would have passed. But then, they saw Him and cried out. Then He stopped and they laid hold on Him.

Luke 24: 28 says, “And they drew nigh unto the village, whither they went: and he made as though he would have gone further.” This was Jesus again. He was talking to His people and when they got near where they would stay, He kept His face as if He was going further. Is it that God wants to avoid us? No. But through what looks as if He is going to avoid us, He ignites a fire in us or stirs up enough action in us. For us to be like Jacob who said, “unless thou bless me I will not let you go,” there has to be a stirring. When we are stirred up like that, then we will look for God with all our hearts. Please, pray again like this: “Power to lay hold on God like Jacob, fall upon me so that God will not pass me by, in Jesus’ name.”


Sickness is a state of bad health; when things that are meant to be functioning well are not doing so. The Bible makes us to understand that there are different kinds of sicknesses.

1. Spiritual sickness: This is the sickness of the spirit. Once the spirit is sick, it can lead to other problems in the body and in the soul. Such sicknesses are generally caused by sin. Spiritual sickness will result in spiritual weakness or lack of appetite just like somebody who is sick physically. A person may have spiritual Kwashiorkor, meaning that his spirit is poorly fed and is suffering from bad nutrition and cannot contend against the enemy of the soul.

2. Emotional sickness: This is sickness caused by the hurting or damaging of the emotions. It is common with people who are easily upset.

3. Mind sickness: This is when the mind, the will and the intellect begin to behave abnormally. Dirty minds, weak wills, ungodly imagination, unprogressive thinking, blindness of the heart and blankness of the heart are signs of a sick mind. They cannot be seen physically. They manifest through people’s attitudes.

4. Sickness of the body: This is when the body is not functioning well in one part or the other. Many people understand the sickness of the body. If you understand the sickness of the body, it is not difficult to understand what it will look like if the spirit is sick. If you have ever had malaria fever, imagine how you felt at that time, then imagine how you would feel if your spirit were to have fever. When the enemy knows that the spirit is sick, he comes in and strikes. This is the major cause of sudden death, weak spirit falling under the sledgehammer of the enemy.

5. Demonic sicknesses: In these cases there is nothing wrong with the body but certain spirits are hiding there causing trouble and confusion. These are diseases sponsored by bad spirits.

6. Sicknesses unto death: These are sponsored by the spirit of death and hell.

Man has always had his own way of treating sicknesses. God too, has His own method of treating sicknesses and the devil has his own method. When you accept the devil’s treatment it is like accepting treatment from a quack doctor. There are many quack doctors who treat people the wrong way. Going to the devil for treatment amounts to the same thing. When a person accepts the devil’s treatment, many other problems will follow. It does not matter for how long you have received the treatment.


1. Multiplication of sorrows: The Bible says that the sorrows of those who run to other gods shall be multiplied.

2. Selling yourself to the devil for nothing as pointed out in Isaiah 52:3 which says, “For thus saith the Lord, Ye have sold yourselves for nought and ye shall be redeemed without money.”

3. Engaging in primitive spiritual trade by barter: Since the devil has the power to put sicknesses in people, he also has the power to withdraw some of the sicknesses so that the victim would be confused and will eventually be captured and thrown into hell fire.

4. Exchange of destiny: This happens when you go to the hospital of the enemy for treatment.

5. The entire body of the person could be exchanged by wicked spirit: People whose containers called “the body” have been exchanged are not difficult to recognize. They suffer heaviness, drowsiness and are very vulnerable to spiritual wounds because they are carrying a body which does not belong to them. Once you have a body that does not belong to you, you cannot get married in that state because no husband or wife will marry a fake body. The hospitals can never find out what is wrong because when you get there, the evil powers would quickly replace it with the normal body and the doctors would not see anything wrong and when you are out, they quickly put the bad one back. These days they do that a lot.

The bodies of many people are under remote control. The bodies really do not belong to them and that is the reason the bodies are opposed to their spirits. The bodies are acting in opposition to their spirits. This is why some people experience unexplainable hatred. Some people who are meant to help them just hate them. All these happen when you go for treatment in the hospital of the devil.

6. Unconscious spiritual transportation: Ten years ago, a little girl of seven was brought to me. The person who brought her said, “Tell the man of God what you have been doing.” She said, “I used to carry my mother to witchcraft meetings. Although she is not a witch but I carry her there.” I asked for her mother to see me, and she was brought in. The woman who was supposed to be in her 30s looked like a woman of 60. During the journey to the witchcraft meetings at night, she received wounds. Her head was hit against things, even her spirit too, as she was carried all over the place. Physically, she suffered constant sicknesses, including suicidal tendencies bothering on insanity, and she felt things moving about in her body. This was because one day, the woman went for treatment in the hospital of the devil, and from there, her case file was transferred to her daughter who started to use her as a horse to go to witchcraft meetings. If you are like that and you are reading this, you shall be set loose, in Jesus’ name.

7. When you go for treatment in the camp of the enemy, you put yourself in the cooking pot of the enemy: This is why some people complain about heat and peppery feeling all over the body. Such people are tied down so that they keep going back to consult the evil powers until they are finished with them. Your lot will not be like that, in Jesus’ name.

When a call goes out in the world of wickedness to get a person, the dark powers will first of all check their records to see if they have anything on the person. Once the person has consulted them or have been to their saloon, he or she would be in trouble. When a believer goes to a hairdressing saloon called “mermaid salon,” or barbing salon called “Hot-head” he or she is looking for trouble because they did not mince words on their notice board. What they do there is well spelt out. So do not be surprised if the person’s head is messed up. They would use the hair collected from the person for evil. The same goes for those who have kissed their agents. They will use their saliva for evil. They can also use their clothes, photographs, etc. They start working on people from these points.

The answer could also be “Oh no, we have no materials on this person and the blood of Jesus has removed even the former ones.” When that is the case, their agents are instructed to try and find something from the person’s body. They look for material which when got are used to hunt for the person. Such person keeps worrying, “Oh why am I having this? What is happening to me? I cannot sleep.”

If you carry your body to satanic agents they will remove all they want and keep them in their bank. With incisions, they gain access to people’s blood for future manipulations. Such people are also marked. All the stylish things people put on their stomach and hands, for example, tattooes, are bad marks which need to be cleaned up by the blood of Jesus. When they put incision on your body, you form the strongest covenant on earth called the blood covenant. If they have treated you with incisions before, you need to get hold of the Great Physician now. All those who say they heal through incisions are physicians of no value.

May be you have been asked to carry sacrifices. All they have done is to convert you to the devil’s caterer. You had feed wandering spirits at the crossroads. You cook food for them and now you expect them to leave you alone. No, they will multiply your problems so that you will bring more food. All those who have their bath with charm soap are busy washing away their virtues and transferring them to somebody else. Using strange perfumes on the body would result in chasing away the good spirits that would have helped you.

Eating herbal concoction is the same thing as feeding from the devil's table. There is a book called, “Demons, Doctors and Medicine.” It reveals the secret of satanic agents who are doctors or nurses. According to the book, they don’t treat patients but kill them softly. All these are physicians of no value. Bathing at the river at the prescription of a herbalist or fake prophet leads to evil initiation to water spirits. They are making you a disciple of the mermaid. When because of one problem or the other somebody has sex with a herbalist or a so-called man of God, all he or she is doing is signing off his or her own marriage and inviting stubborn spirit husband or spirit wife. Some people would be told that before they can get out of a problem, they have to go under the bridge and have sex with a mad woman or mad man. What they are doing to them is initiation into spiritual madness. The Bible says that when you join yourself to a harlot you become one body. The person becomes one body with madness. Such people need deliverance. A certain woman was seeking for a child and was told by a herbalist to buy a young goat, carry it on her back and walk to a market place. What the herbalist did was to give her a goat for a child. The child was already a child of hell fire even before he was born.

These are the methods of the physicians of no value. They have caused people a lot of terror and havoc, especially in the black man’s world. Their cures are uncertain, indefinite and unreliable. But when the cure is from the Lord Jesus Christ, it is certain. The Bible says that all that come to Him, He will in no wise cast out. He cures all that come to Him. Jesus can also cure instantly. He cures perfectly, permanently and most importantly, He cures without charging anything. If you have ever paid anybody for giving you spiritual service, know for sure that the service you paid for was not from God. He says, “Freely are you given, freely you give.” When somebody charges you money because he wants to bless anointing oil for you, know for sure that the power inside the anointing oil is not from God. Somebody came to me and said that a prophet charged him N4000 for anointing oil, which should cost only N25.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the perfect doctor of both spiritual and physical diseases. If we can remove all the spiritual diseases, nobody will be sick again. But as far as men are getting spiritually sick and are going to physicians of no value for treatment, trouble will continue to happen. If you study the people that Jesus healed in the Bible, you can group them into about eight classes.


1. The blind: Those who are spiritually blind are unable to see the truth. They only possess physical eyes. Believers who have only physical eyes and cannot see into the spirit are heading for danger. A certain sister visited the man she planned to marry. During the visit, she said, “Let us pray.” As they prayed, the sister saw that she was no longer in the sitting room where they were and the person sitting beside her had turned to a snake with three legs. She opened her eyes several times but saw the man still praying and not a snake. She was afraid of saying “no” right away. So, after the prayer, she politely told the brother that she needed to pray some more about his proposal. Suppose, her eyes were not opened, she would have married a three-legged snake-man. Believers who cannot see beyond their nose go to the camp to pray for two weeks and come back to say that they did not receive anything. It is spiritual blindness.

Many people have spiritual cataract in their eyes. They see nothing in the spirit just like the physically blind people. Such a person could have lots of accidents. A spiritually blind person too will have accidents. They fall into pits that they are not meant to fall into. The enemy will bring in a sword like this and they will not see him. A lot of people will be in perfect health if their eyes can just open like that of Elisha. Because immediately, they enemies bringing the evil parcel to you, you will see it and say, “Please, oga, this is not the address.” But when you cannot see, what do you do?

God called a man some years ago and told him that an epidemic of disease was about to enter his town: “It will enter at exactly 2.00am. Therefore take your Bible, go and wait for it at the gate of town.” The man said, “oh Lord, what will I tell the spirit?” The Lord said, “I will tell you when you get there. One step at a time.” He took off and stayed there. Truly, at exactly that time, this spirit came with a calabash, to sprinkle it contents on everybody in the town apart from those who had the concerning of the blood of Jesus. The man of God saw the thing and said, “Stop, in the name of Jesus.” The thing said, “Why did you stop me?” He said, “Because I don’t want you to go there and put your sickness on the people.” The thing said, “What? But we have our own children there too. You people are causing trouble. You should protect only your own children and leave us alone to punish our own.” The man of God said, “No, the Bible says that God maketh the rain to fall on both the just and the unjust.” He said, “No, I am not talking about rain now. I am talking about sickness.” They argued for a long time. Let us open our eyes. We need them open. It is important.

2. Jesus healed the deaf and the dumb: There are people who come to the house of God but they never hear the voice of God. And they have no fire in their tongue and cannot discuss with God spiritually. They need to hear the voice of the Lord today. For the string that is tying their tongues and ears to be loosed, they need to be able to hear the voice of God calling them by name. God has to call you by name and you will answer.

3. Jesus healed the lame: The spiritually lame people are those who cannot walk in God’s way. They find it so difficult to keep to the path of holiness. Their legs are not equal. They remain in the valley because of the difficulty of climbing to the mountain. People are looking over their heads but they do not look at the legs so they do not know that the legs have injury and are lame. A lame man cannot win a 100 meters race against people with normal legs. If there is fire in a place, the lame man has to be helped just like the blind has to be helped.

4. Jesus healed lepers: These are people who are unclean by reason of their sins. Sin is the leprosy of the soul and lepers are usually kept away from other persons. They are kept outside the town. Spiritual leprosy will keep you away from God’s blessings and from getting your benefits from the Lord.

5. Jesus healed the crooked, the withered and the paralytic: These are people whose spiritual lives are paralyzed. They are useless in God’s army. Sin has removed their strength and sicknesses have taken over. They do not correct what they should correct. So, they go to physicians of no value and they add more to their problems.

6. Jesus healed fever and issue of blood: Spiritually, this means uncontrollable passion for sin, spiritual leakage resulting in lack of discipline.

7. Jesus healed the demon possessed: These were people imprisoned in the body, soul and spirit by foul spirits. Such people are a curse to themselves and a danger to others. They need to be set free.

8. Jesus raised the dead: He prayed for the dead to come back to life. There are those who are dead in trespasses and sins, dead towards God. As far as God is concerned, they do not exist.

Beloved, why don’t you go to Jesus today for your healing. Take no price for He heals for nothing. Go at once because if you delay and neglect it, it may mean death. When you do not go for your treatment with the Great Physician, you can be eaten up. It does not matter how heavily you have been bombarded, there is the balm of Gilead. All you have to do today is to cry unto God. The Scripture says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will answer and thou shall glorify my name.” I remember the story of a man who runs a pharmacy shop and he used to think that he is very bright. He has a Christian friend who used to preach to him. He will always argue and refuse to believe. One day this Christian got fed up with arguing with him. The Christian said, “Well, I am not going to talk to you about salvation again, but remember any day you run into trouble I give you one verse; it says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble. I will deliver thee and thou shall glorify me,” and he went away. A few weeks later the man was sleeping in his shop and a little girl came with a prescription from a doctor. She said her mother was sick to the point of death and needed some drugs. The pharmacist was unhappy to be woken up, yet half asleep he gave the girl the medicine. Immediately the small girl got it she ran out to give it to her mother. Not quite a minute after the girl had left, as the pharmacist was putting the drug container back on the shelf, he discovered that instead of the correct medicine, he had poured poison into the bottle he gave to that little girl. Immediately his sleep cleared. He ran out and looked to the left and to the right, but could not see the girl. He was distressed. He shouted, but the little girl did not come back. He was worried, because he knew that when the drug is given to the woman and she dies, somebody would find out the truth and he would be in trouble. He ran back into his room and the Scripture verse of his friend occurred to him: “Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will answer, and thou shall glorify my name. “The man started praying and started crying, “God, if you will only do this. I will believe that you exist and will give you my life.” Immediately he finished praying, he had not risen from the floor when the little girl was at the door again. She had fallen down and broken the bottle. She said, “excuse me, sir. I broke the bottle because I was in a hurry.” The man wondered, “So this is how God works? He then committed his life to the Lord completely. Now if God could do that for that man, He will do it for you.


1. I oppose every evil influence that the enemy is having over my life, in Jesus’ name.
2. Any material of my body present in any evil altar be withdrawn, in the name of Jesus.
3. Any good thing belonging to me that is presently being kept in a satanic bank, be released to me, in the name of Jesus.
4. Any area I have submitted myself to physicians of no value, be released, in the name of Jesus.
5. I release myself from every infirmity, in the name of Jesus.
6. Eternal Rock of ages, lay your hands of fire upon me, in Jesus' name.
7. Lord Jesus, answer me when I cry, in Jesus' name.