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Dr. D. K. Olukoya

Our message this week which is entitled, “Disgracing local evil weapons” can also be called “Instructions for warfare.” Psalm 74:20 says, “Have respect unto the covenant; for the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.” It talks about the dark places of the earth and the wickedness therein. Psalm 91:13 also says, “Thou shalt tread upon the lion and the adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.” What does the Bible mean by the lion and the adder, the young lion and the dragon? They are powers of darkness in all their ramifications.

Psalm 91: 5 says, “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day, nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness, nor for the destrution that wasteth at noon day.” All these are the vices of the enemy. 2 Corinthians 2: 11 also says, “Lest satan should get an advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices. Here, the Bible says that we should not be ignorant of satanic devices. If the Bible says we should not be ignorant, it means that some people are already ignorant. They do not know what to do. It can be a very terrible thing when weapons are being fashioned against you and you do not know their nature, let alone be able to draw a programme of reaction. Job 5:12 says, “He disappointeth the devices of the crafty; so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.”

As I was told, one man went to his hometown and was introduced to members of his extended family. To his amazement, the man who introduced him made very bad remarks about him. He told the people that he was jobless, useless, wayward, worthless and a nonentity. He called the man and asked him why he introduced him like that and the man told him that if he did not say so, he would be finished. Then he understood and allowed him to continue with his strange introduction. Like every other environment, ours has its own wickedness. It is a place where you cannot afford to be neutral. If you are going to be on the side of God, make sure that you have every weapon that the Bible describes and all the benefits that God says you can have. Do not stay in the camp of those who say that the time of speaking in tongues and miracles is gone, and there is no more supernatural power. If you see anybody saying that, know that household enemies have finished his account. You just pray for God to open his eyes.

I once came across a lady who had two sex organs. She said that somebody told her the wrong one could be removed by operation, but anytime she went to the hospital to complain the doctors would not find the wrong one. It would disappear. Somebody also told me that demonic people have something which when they place on a seat and a woman sits on it, instead of the normal menstruation, the woman would be menstruating maggots. I also know a man who ran mad at intervals. And when that happened and he hit his head with his hands, cockroaches would be coming out. Sometime ago too, there was a man who was normal as long as there was no food in his presence. But immediately you placed food before him, he would begin to tear his hair off and would not eat the food even if he was hungry. They kept moving him around until they brought him to one of our meetings. After prayer, he was given food and he ate very well, to the amazement of his wife.

What I am trying to say is that every geographical area has its own evil forces and evil weapons; every country has its own satanic technology. Some of the prayer points we pray can help in some places while they would be completely useless in other places because what you may be addressing is not there. You do not find men in this environment taking injections to enable them to develop breasts like women. In places where this obtains, you would see two men in the street cuddling each other, and one of them has breasts while the other does not. The demon behind such practice is not found here in Nigeria. Daniel 10:13 says, “For the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, for Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.” Here was an angel bringing back the response to Daniel’s prayer and a principality controlling the area withstanding him. But thank God for Daniel that he did not stop praying. Verse 20 says, “Then said he, Knowest thou wherefore I come unto thee? and now will I return to fight the prince of Persia...” Mark 5: 9- 10 says, “And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, my name is Legion: for we are many. And he besought him much that he would not send them away out of the country.” The demons did not want to leave that country, they wanted to continue to destroy the lives of the people living there. Every area has its own demons and evil forces controlling it. So, satanic weapons vary from one place to the other and whatever weapons that would be available for the devil to use in an environment would depend upon seven things.

  1. 1. How that nation or tribe began: Did it begin with war or unity? Is it a single race or has it many races? Were the people slaves before or free people? So, how that nation began would determine the kind of weapons that satan would use.

  2. The influence of those who developed the land originally would determine what kind of weapons that satan would use.

  3. The local and imported religion predominant in a place would determine the kind of satanic weapons. What do I mean by local and imported religion? It is for example, when a tribe or nation worshipping an idol that looks like a woman, suddenly introduces another religion from abroad and replaces the name of the female idol. For example, changing the name of a female idol to the biblical name of Mary or Esther.

  4. Whether the area has ever experienced warfare: War makes people to do a lot of satanic research in order to have more wicked weapons to fight with. These satanic weapons will remain after the war. Did your tribe or nation come to where they are now through wars? If that is the case, you can be sure there would be wicked satanic weapons still on the ground. In the 1930s a man of God held a crusade somewhere and when he said people should bring out their idols, one man brought something like a small doll, which had nails on it. He told the man of God that each nail on the doll represented one life and there were more than 45 nails on the doll. So, he had killed many people in that small town with that kind of weapon. He called a person’s name, put a nail on the idol and the person cried out and that was all.

  5. The level of poverty: The evil powers in poor areas are generally more wicked than the ones in prosperous areas. So, if you come from a village or a town where the indigenes do not prosper or where those who prosper are those who run away to other places, then you need to pray seriously.

  6. The number of ethnic groups that make up a country: When the groups are many, then the devil would have a variety of weapons to work with. For example, in Nigeria, if he tries a Yoruba satanic weapon on somebody and it does not work, he can try Tiv or Edo demons. So, the more the tribes, the more the variety of satanic weapons and satanic intelligence. He may even decide to export the case file of a person to another country if he finds that the person is very strong. I thank God for a certain brother to whom a demon idol was sent on his way to the bathroom. He saw the idol walking towards him physically, not in the dream. He just cleared it from the ground with his leg, in Jesus’ name. And it somersaulted and ran back to the sender.

  7. The culture of the people: Wicked spirits dribble people according to their cultures. This is why all cultures must be tested and judged by scripture and demonic ones must be rejected.

    The only power in the universe that can successfully deal with demonic powers is the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, for it is written “At the name of Jesus, every knee should bow, of things in heaven, of things on earth, and of things underneath the earth.” It is therefore very dangerous and risky for demons to be fighting you and you are seeking the help of demons to fight back. Darkness cannot fight darkness. The enemies of our soul have no free gift for anybody. Anything you have ever taken from the enemy, he will take it back from you with interest. If you say, “Well, I will be pressing sand,” do not worry; one day, you will come across somebody who can press the sand in the moon and you will be in trouble. If you say it is candle you want to light, do not worry; one day, you will find somebody who can demonically introduce a candle into a bottle and light it there, then you will be finished. If you say, it is charms you want to make, one day, you will find somebody who can make his own in the second heavens and you will be finished. But it is not so with the power in the blood of Jesus.

    In science, there is a big difference between practical and theory. We have science theory and we have science practical and what can be called the applied practical. You can understand the theory of a thing but it would be completely useless when it comes to the practical. You can even understand the theory and the practical but when it comes to its application for your benefit, you cannot understand it. Many believers are like that. When you ask them, “What is salvation, sanctification, or redemption?” They would define and explain them very well. When you say, “Okay, have you ever experienced any of these things?” They say, “O yes, since I got born again, things I used to do, I do them no more. Since I got baptized in the Holy Spirit, I can pray better, I read the word of God very well. I have had hunger for God in my soul.” But when you say, “If somebody is still running after you in your dream what are you doing about that?” They would keep quiet because they cannot apply the theory. So, they are theory and practical students but lack the application.

    For example, you can carry out a research on oranges without ever seeing one in your life. You could read all the books available about oranges, that is theory. You may go into practical and start to plant the orange but when it starts to grow you may not be able to apply all that you have read about it. You may not know that it can be eaten or that some people burn the peel to drive away mosquitoes. Those are the people who can apply. So, we have three groups of students in the spiritual war class:

    a. Those who know all the theory. Mention Bible quotations they can tell you where you can find them.
    b. Those who understand the theory and the practical but cannot apply it.
    c. Those who understand the theory, know the practical and can apply it.

How can somebody apply the blood of Jesus? You can do so by testifying personally what God says the blood of Jesus can do.

Let us look at some of the local evil weapons.

1. Planted evil deposits: These are demonic materials which the wicked ones put under somebody’s seat or carpet or in the soil and the moment the person sits or steps on it, problem starts. The person may be paralyzed or satanic worms will start moving all over his body. A long time ago, one man came to me and introduced himself as a senior apostle somewhere. He said that there was a fight in his church and somebody put something under his seat and since then he could not urinate. That was why he came to see me. I asked him, “How come that you, an apostle, something was put underneath your seat and it entered into your body?” He said, “Ehm, ehm, God will save us.” Many cases of paralysis that doctors cannot understand are caused by these things. Of course there is no way you can detect a demon by testing somebody’s blood or urine. It is due to planted evil deposit. At one of our Power Must Change Hands meetings, a phylactery physically got out of a woman’s leg and dropped on the floor. Also, at one of our crusades, somebody vomited a white stone. The question is how did these things enter into their bodies? They were satanic deposits from the enemy. They turn people’s body into a dustbin.

What is the way out?

  • Surgical extraction of the evil deposits.

  • After the surgical operation is over, you pray for the treatment by the blood of Jesus of the wounds caused by the evil deposits.

  • Return the evil deposit to the sender.

  • Ask God’s angel to deflect any such deposit coming back to you.

2. Forced initiation: Some people are forced against their will to join evil groups. Sometimes the initiation takes place in the dream. They are force-fed like a baby who does not want to eat. Sometimes, they are force-fed with the kind of food that they do not like eating physically. Victims of forced initiation sometimes see themselves at uninvited meetings in the dream and they would be wondering what is happening.

The Way Out

  • The solution is deliverance, either personal deliverance or somebody does it for you.

  • You must pray violently every night.

3. Demonic prosecution: This is when a person’s spirit is summoned out of his body to a demonic court, which is usually a wicked affair. When a person is summoned by a demonic court, the best SAN in this country cannot help him. No relatives can accompany him there, and he would not be allowed to get out of the spiritual Black Maria. He may be shocked to see familiar faces there. A certain man found himself in such a courtroom, the court was in session and he was there like a criminal. When he looked at the person acting as judge, it was his seven- year old daughter. The girl opened her mouth and said, “Why do you always give me cow skin when you give my elder sisters the liver?” The man said that it was what the family could afford and she said, “Why did you not divide the cow skin and the liver into two and give my elder sisters and I one piece of each?” The other people there said, “You are always giving our queen cow skin.” The man said it was an error and that they should forgive him. They said, “No, you cannot be forgiven.” They dealt with him and he cried. When he woke from sleep he became paralyzed.

Dreams of being surrounded by people with tough and hard faces should be taken seriously. And so are dreams of seeing yourself standing trial in a court, or being locked up in a police cell, or somebody takes your hand and gives you some strokes of the cane.

The Way Out

  • Go into aggressive prayer and fasting to withdraw the call or summon.

  • Withdraw or cancel the call. The wonderful thing about the things of the spirit is that you can do a fast-forward or a rewind, which is not possible in the physical world. For example, it is not possible to go back to when you were six years old. But spiritually, you can go back to what somebody did to you 27 years ago or to a dream you had 25 years ago and cancel it today and it stays cancelled. You can see what God has for you in the future or where He is taking you. That is the beautiful world of the spirit. So if you have been called before in your dream, or physically you heard a call and you answered, you can withdraw the call today by saying, “The call that I answered then I withdraw my answer, in the name of Jesus.” You have the right to do that as a child of God.

  • Cancel the sentence passed on you.

  • Send confusion into the midst of the court where you were summoned.

  • Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus.

4. Buried virtues: Readers of the Bible understand that the earth, which we are standing upon, is a living entity and can accept virtues deposited into it. When Cain killed his brother, Abel, the Lord said unto him, “Cain, what has thou done?” He replied, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The Lord said, “The voice of the blood of your brother is crying to me from underneath the earth.” Every blessing that we are entitled to first of all existed in the spirit world before it manifested physically. If somebody grabs the spiritual representative and buries it, that is what we call buried virtue. If you know that when bright opportunities come, you fail; or that at the point of something good, everything goes wrong, or you are always in and out of hospital because of bad health, it could be that somebody may have buried your health, wealth, etc.

The Way Out

  • Call for the assistance of God’s angels.

  • Devote at least one hour each day for the next seven days praying that all your buried virtues should be exhumed, in the name of Jesus. You will be surprised at what will happen.

5. Spiritual cell: This is when a person is like a little bird inside a cage. He cannot move far or fly beyond a particular level. Friends and enemies surround the person and throw things at him like people do to animals caged in the zoos. If you notice that you depend on friends and relatives to feed, you have been caged and you have to escape today. Friends would be throwing you bananas while enemies would be throwing you stones, which you would be busy trying to dodge like a monkey in a cage. Somebody in a cage really cannot run far from the enemy. The person will not be able to respond effectively to attacks because the cage would be limiting him. The trouble with spiritual cage is that a lot of people get so used to it that they do not even realize their freedom. They become like the woman who was given a lift and she still had her load on her head. When she was asked to put down the load, she said, “No, it is me you are giving the lift not the load.

The Way Out

  • Pray the prayer of Jabez. What is the prayer of Jabez? It is “O Lord, bless me and enlarge my coast, in Jesus’ name.”

  • Take authority over the cage. The cage can hear what you are saying.

  • Invite the Lord Jesus Christ to open the cage with the key that He took when He triumphed over satan.

  • Ask the Lord to cast the cage into fire.

6. Body exchange: There are powers that alter people’s bodies. People whose bodies have been altered look older than their age. They feel uncomfortable and experience heaviness. Ugliness, sluggishness, unexplainable hatred, marital failure may also be their lot. The gospel was preached to a certain man and he said, “Okay, I believe you. But that heaven that you just described is Mama so so (i.e. his wife) going there? The preacher said, “Yes, if she is born again, by the grace of God she will be there.” The man said he would prefer to go somewhere else if the woman would be there. “Do you hate your wife so much?” the preacher asked him. He said, “Yes, I do not like seeing her.” Something may be wrong with the woman. Her body may have been changed and each time the man looked at her, he saw another person.

The Way Out

  • Pray to receive your body back. When you pray this kind of prayer, you may be feeling heat or chill all over your body. Then you will notice things begin to happen.

7. Spiritual bullet: When a person’s case is taken to the dark world, a search would be carried out to locate the people with dark powers in the person’s family. The more the people with dark powers in the person’s family, the more complicated the person’s case becomes. All the information the enemies need would be supplied by members of the person’s family. Then the person’s spirit would be called out and shot. Such people generally do not wake up the following day. The person may see the bullets in the dream entering his body. This is how diseases like cancer starts, and slow death would set in. Alternatively, if the bullets enter into the leg or stomach, that part of the body will be rebelling against other parts of the body.

The Way Out

  • Spiritual surgery is needed to get the bullets out.

  • Then send them back to the senders.

8. Spiritual arrows: A child who has potentials to be great can be located from his mother’s womb and fired at. This is a common practice in polygamous homes. This is one of the reasons you can hardly find somebody from a polygamous home that does not need deliverance. If you are the only male or the first male in a polygamous home and your mother is not the first wife, there is 100 per cent chance that arrows are in your body. When arrows are fired, the brain is always the first target.

The Way Out

  • Extract the arrows and send them back to the sender.

  • Pray a wall of fire around your life so that this kind of thing does not operate again.

9. Consumption of polluted food: Being fed in the dream or attending demonic parties where one is served the wrong food to eat introduces all kinds of bad things into one’ s life. Problem would start, then the person’s spiritual life will not grow very well and the person will be having sickness all over the body.

The Way Out

  • What a victim needs is deliverance and to pray to vomit all the deposits of the enemy.

10. Demonic marriage: If somebody is consciously or unconsciously married in the spirit world, he or she is in for a serious battle, for spiritual marriage is as binding as the physical one. The spirit spouse will fight with the last drop of his or her blood to keep his or her partner. This is one of the reasons many people do not enjoy their marriage. The spiritual partner would fight the physical one and engineer separation. There would be marks of hatred, unexplainable quarrels, poverty and business collapse so that tension would be high in the home. Family interference will be so high. The spiritual spouse would harass the physical one so much.

The Way Out

  • Go for deliverance.

  • After your deliverance, pray and make sure that the spirit spouse dies and leaves you alone to enjoy the life that the Lord has given to you.

Everyone has something that God has planted in him to make him great. God has not created any failure. You may not see what God has planted in you, but your enemy, satan, sees it. So, today, attack every local weapon that has been made against you.

The weapons treated here are restricted to those used in this environment. If somebody collects an imported one, then he has more work to do. I saw a man who was boasting that when he was in Nigeria, all the girls were running after him and when he went to Germany too, all the white girls were running after him. I said to him, “Look, you have received combined honours of evil, so your deliverance will be longer.”

Some people’s idea that they would just say the blood of Jesus and pray for protection is not enough. You must attack. The best system of protection is to attack. God cannot release His miracle power until you begin to attack what you should attack. 2 Thessalonians 1:16 says, “Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you.” That is what God will do when you strike back. Also, the arrows will go back to the senders. Why? Because Psalm 109:17 says, “As he loved cursing so let it come unto him as he delighted not in blessing so let it be far from him.”

When people who are wicked and disobedient to God are firing witchcraft arrows at God’s children, they must be stopped. By returning the arrows, the spirits following them will go back to the senders. One secret you must know is that satanic agents are always afraid of their arrows coming back to them. Sometimes when it does not happen that way they will not bow. That is why the Bible says the wicked must bow before the good.

If you are yet to surrender you life to Jesus Christ, the accompanying prayers would be of no use to you because you have not taken the first step in obtaining the blessing of God. If you want to give your life to Jesus, say the following prayer: “Lord Jesus, I come to you today, I surrender my life unto you. I accept you as my Lord and personal Saviour. Forgive me my sins and cleanse me with your blood. Come into my life today, in the name of Jesus. Amen.


  1. (Put your hands on your head and pray like this:) I cover myself with the blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ name.

  2. Mention the underlisted conditions and say seven hot times: “Back to the sender, in the name of Jesus.”
    i. Satanic dream.
    ii. Spirit of bedwetting.
    iii. Spirit of fear.
    iv. Mark of hatred.
    v. Spirit of infirmity.
    vi. Satanic arrows.
    vii. Problems with the blood.
    vii. Problems with the head.
    viii. Problem from the river.
    ix. Problem from the sea.
    x. Problem from polygamy.
    xi. Problem with circumcision.
    xii. Problem with the reproductive organ.
    xiii. Problem with demonic in-laws.
    xiv. Problems with witchcraft spirits.
    xv. Problems with unfriendly friends.

  3. Local satanic weapons, release me and go back to your sender, in the name of Jesus.

  4. (Place one hand on your stomach and the other one on your head:) Every arrow from local witches and wizards, back to senders, in the name of Jesus.

  5. Talk to the Lord about any strange experience you might have had in the dream or in the physical and say, “Back to the sender, in Jesus’ name.”

  6. You the devices of the enemy upon my life, receive disappointment, in Jesus’ name.