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Dr. D. K. Olukoya

When you approach the bible as a Christian, immediately we are divided into two groups. An unbeliever is working in his own way doing his own things, walking according to the dictates of his or her mind. But when somebody gives his life to Jesus and you believe the word of God, even amongst those believers, you can find two clear groups. It is those two clear groups we want to address this morning; Eagle or Chicken. When you bring born again children together, you call those two groups, Eagle or chicken. In Isaiah Chapter 40:28-31- "Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary, there is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint and to them that have no might he increaseth strength . Even the youths shall faint and be weary and the young men shall utterly fall. But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. These are two birds; both represent two classes of children. You may be a Pastor or bishop. Arch bishop, His eminent. The Pre-eminence, Most Right Reverend, and be a chicken. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. It is those ones who will mount up with wings as eagle, you are either the eagle Christian or chicken Christian. When you look at both birds, they may appear a little bit similar, but they are actually so different from each other as day is different from night. Chickens have their heads down, their peaks are always busy in the rubbish or something, they scratch among the debris, and they scratch among the filthy, to look for worms and for food. They search scrap; they look for bits of foods and corn. If you look at the chicken, it is always working hard because it knows that the time is short. Very soon it will be dark. And they will pack the chicken again back into the cage for the night. So she has to work hard to get sufficient meal in the tummy before it is dark. That is the chicken.

But look at the other bird, the Eagle, the appearance of the eagle bird may look strange, these actions too may look very strange, you will see it not on the ground, the lowest it will go to the ground is probably on the fence and it is with his head lifted up to the skies. And its sharp eyes searching the cloud. And it stretches forth its wings lazily. Nod as the wind blows, it mounts up. And for those of you who have seen the eagle before it is hatching, the sight is unique and magnificent, the way it spread its wings, and it will go up. It is this structure of the eagle that has been used to structure the airplane. It is obvious that it is completely different from the first bird.

Meaning that two Christians can be reading the same bible, coming to the same church, praying the same prayer point, listening to the same sermon and one would move mountains for Jesus; the other one would be scratching mountains. Make up your mind which one you want. I read a story a long time ago that a certain poultry farmer was working on the mountain one day and he discovered an eagle's net right on top of the mountain. The eagle's nest contained one egg. Immediately the man became curious and he was thinking about the possibility of raising an eagle. Then the idea struck him that he could raise the eagle in his poultry. So he took the egg home and incubated it, under the hen. Soon the hen hatched all her eggs, but the eagle could not hatch on time. It took a longer time before the thing could hatch . and you know when you see the chicks they look very beautiful, but the eaglet was blind, naked, ugly and fragile there. Likewise we have people who have been born and incubated by the wrong hen. The egg of the goodness has been put under the wrong hen and therefore they cannot move there. As time went on, this eaglet became strong and was going in and out with the chicks. It was now imitating them, imitating their ways of life, pecking stones, looking for worms, taking shelter under mother hen, in times of danger and looking down like the chick is looking down. From time to time the mother would look down to see how they are performing.

So the eaglet was raised like the chicks, but it does not look like one of them. Then on a certain day when the farmer was observing the eaglet in his manner, all of a sudden mother eagle appeared in the air, flying rather low, It could sight the eaglet there among the chicks and mother eagle circled round the yard. And gave a loud cry it was like the mother eagle was giving an alarm to the eaglet, that you donít belong to that place, you are in the wrong place. With that loud cry, by the mother eagle, for the first time something stirred in the blood of the eaglet and it looked up to see somebody bigger than itself. Moving about in the sky. Again, the cry came and then this eaglet began to try for the first time. It began to try its wings, again the mother eagle came crying for the third time and now the eaglet tried, struggled with the wings a little bit and off it went with the mother and disappeared. Here we are, the eagle who saw himself as a chicken, it thought like a chicken, behaved like a chicken, then finally one day, it got a cry, got tired of its present state. Beloved until you get tired of your present spiritual state, you will remain there. but the day you say no I don't want to be like this and you get mad with the situation changes will begin. Some disagree with their present state but they don't hate it yet. When you hate your present situation, when you donít like where you are, and you take it, then you begin to move. Changes do not happen until you get mad with that situation. But if you leave it as it is, well one day say, things will be okay, we are many, many of us are the same in the situation , so nothing to worry about, then you will remain where you are spiritually . A Christian is like that eaglet that has found itself where it does not belong. Stolen away by the devil, put under the wrong hen, but now he hears the cry of the master, the cry of mother eagle, which is the kind of cry I am giving to you this morning. You don't belong to this your present level, you don't belong to that place, and you should get mad with that situation. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. One man of God was sleeping one night and the devil came to the room and was confusing the whole of the room, scattering everything there. When the man of God opened his eyes, and saw the devil, he said ha, Mr. devil pack all your load and depart from her now in the name of Jesus. And the evil presence lifted from the room, did leave. But after the devil had left, the man now saw that the devil had removed his bed from one place and put it in another place, it has taken away his chair, re arrange it in another place, he was still angry. He said Mr. Devil come back again and the evil presence came back He said when I left this house in the morning my bed was in that corner, my chairs were in that corner, put those thing back where you found them and the devil re-arranged them to the proper position. And the man now said, you devil, clear out from my presence. And the devil fled from him. That is the Eagle Christian. They slap you on the chest, then you did not know where you are again, and you said you were kidnapped, you are a chicken. Somebody slaps your chest and said what is the property of your parents at home, you said they have video, they said go and bring everything and you did not know what you were doing again. And you went and took everything, count it and give it to them. Later your eyes cleared and you say that you are a child of God. Something is wrong, seriously wrong.

Something is boasting against you that I will deal with you, I will give you what you will carry for life. And he issues certain curses and incantations and you discover that what he has said is coming to pass in your life, then something is wrong. You are a chicken and you must get away from that level. Many of us are so afraid that even when the hared of Banana tree is moving to fast at night, in the backyard, they will say listen the witches are already here. They are already singing. You are a chicken.

I was sharing something somewhere. One man had problems and he went everywhere looking for assistance . Eventually after wasting money and time, and making so many sacrifices, somebody said there was somewhere in the western part of this country where the council of the high witches met. Any problem they took there, they solved it. But there were procedures for him before they could take him there. And he did all the procedures: White goat, white this, killed this, killed that, took his bathe with walk backward to some places all kinds of things . These are people who are highly educated, not illiterates. So they took these men to the council of witchcraft; male and female witches were there. And they asked him , what could we do to help him. He said, he wanted to be free from His problems. They said they were sorry, that they could not help him. They said, the reason they could not help him was because anytime they run into trouble, his grandmother usually bailed them out. When they needed somebody to be untied, if the person had been tied by another power, it was his grandmother that helped them to untie them. Therefore, they could not help him. The person in charge of your case was your grandmother. At that level, the man now knew that he was in trouble. This man goes to church even the person who took him there is a church member. Both of them call themselves communicants. But they just come to the house of God, they think everything they say is theory, they are chicken. Many people who come to church, the devil does not respect them because he can see that with a little bit of push here and there they will comply with his instruction. Therefore make up your mind . The mounting up process that we are talking about is important and necessary for you to be conformed to the image of the Son of God and for you to reign with him forever. You must destroy the idol standing in the temple of your heart to enable you to mount up. If all that you are pre-occupied with is I want to go to club, I want to drink, I want to run around, I want to go to party. If that is your main pre-occupation, then beloved you are just coming here, you are still a chicken . You need to now grow higher, destroy the idols in the temple of your heart. You must decide to pay whatever price it will cost you to go up with God to the high places. There are prophets and there are prophets. There are some prophets now, until they have prayed for two hours, they can hear anything from the Lord, there are some prophets now, until they go on dry fast, they hear nothing. There are also some kindergarten prophets it is only when they sleep, they are dreamers. The bible says in the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. Your young men shall see visions, ;your old men shall dream dreams. So it is vision to the young, dreams to the old, but now it is the reverse; it is the old ones who are seeing the visions, the young ones have become executive dreamers.

You must decide to pay the price. You must decide what you want to belong to these two groups we are mentioning this morning. The chicken too they are symbolic of some people. The only time chickens were referred to in the bible, was when Jesus used them as a type of strange people in Jerusalem who could not hear his message. They could not heed his call. He called them like a chicken. They travel about in crowds, they were earth bound. They kept their eyes on the things of the world. they are scratching out, their bare existence. They never lifted up their heads to see him who is far above. The lecture handout that has been given to them, they ate them. Then they are now searching greedily in the dustbin and in the dust to fill their bellies with unclean materials. The chicken will eat dead things, it will eat inseparable filth, such people are bound on the right and the left by fences, and there are many people like that in the house of God. But this is not what God wants. The disciples of Jesus came to Jesus, and said can a man put away his wife for every cause? Jesus said no, you cannot. They said, but Moses told us to give them a certificate of divorce. He said well that is because of the hardness of your heart. He said now, once you worry, you marry, Peter recorded that one. Then they said has many times shall I offend my brother and he will say sorry and I will not retaliate. He volunteered an answer. He said Seven times? Jesus said no, seventy times, seven times, four hundred and ninety, somebody must offend you a day before you can retaliate. Even if you are the most un-serious person on this earth and you have no work to do with your life, it will be difficult for somebody to offend you four hundred and ninety times a day . It is very difficult. So what he is telling you is that you cannot retaliate. When Peter now heard that one. He said Master, there shall be very few people in the kingdom of God then. Jesus did not say yes or no, he said stand, strive to enter by the narrow way. Because narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it. That means some people will find there jewelers and the bleaching creams and the paints, they will find the giant belt like wrestlers, they will find the transparent dresses, but then they can not find the narrow way. Yet they are in the way but they cannot find it. They have become passengers, in their own father's house. I refuse to be a passenger in my father's house, in the name of Jesus. That is the life of the chicken. But this is not the nature of the eagle at all?

The eagle has inherited a nature that can not be confined . a nature that cannot be put in captivity of the bound yard fowl. It is not possible . that is not the nature of the eagle. If you pray yourself into the eagle class, you don't need to go for deliverance. To be happy and to fulfill his purpose ;in life and eagle must be free to soon in the wide opened heavens. Although it is lonely up there because there are not many who will dare to rise to that height, but the eagle does not care. Once you begin to grow in God, and his power begin to come upon your life, you may start to become lonely because what is interesting to your friend is no longer interesting to you. What is exciting them does not excite you any more. It is not in the nature of eagle to be mingling with multitude, it is not in his nature to mingle with the majority. But you see the nature of the eagle is that it is free, it is not bound, it is not caged. In Deuteronomy chapter 323 verse 11, it says As the eagle stretch up her nest, fluttereth over the young, spreadest abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings, so the Lord alone did lead him and there was no strange God with him. He made him to ride on the high places of the earth that he might eat the increase of the field and he made him to suck honey out of the rock and oil out of the flinty rock. When eagles have given birth to their children, and they have hatched them out of the earth, they build very beautiful nest and keep them there. And they want that child to start behaving like an eagle. So one day the mother eagle will just come and destroy the nest to persuade that eagleth to jump out. And once this eaglet is falling down it is falling at fast speed, and mother eagle will spread her wings underneath her and will catch the small eaglet. It will return the eaglet back to the nest, throw her down again, until this small eaglet start learning to fly. It will try it over and over again. But if it were a chicken there is nothing to worry about. If the eaglet was a chicken nothing to worry about. It will be able to get food from the ground and somebody would give him things to eat. Somebody will watch over him, somebody will feed him, somebody will protect him. Not so for the eagle. Either it learns to soar by itself or it will starve to death, either it learns to fly high or it will become a prey to wild beast. Mother eagle will test the eaglet to see that it can fly if after several trials (this is the painful part) to make this young eaglet fly, and the young eaglet refuses to fly, then one day, with a wild scream of disappointment, it will leave the eaglet to drop on the rock and die, that is it. It will go and hatch another egg. That is the bottom line. Eagles are specially trained and God is training many of us now. God has offered some people, the life of the eagle since, but they refuse to move in that realm, they are rebelling against the processing of God. God is processing them, they are rebelling, they are protesting. They are complaining that God is processing them. They donít want to become the eagle saint. They donít like being placed in the furnace of fire because there is rebellion in their hearts. When a chicken falls down, it never falls a long way any way because it never rises to great heights. But when an eagle falls, it falls a long way. So if you want to make your rest in the heavens, there must be no rebellion in your heart. The chicken guard is a confined place, it is like a cage. But if you put an eagle in a cage, it will wither and die. It can only live where it can find happiness in the freedom of the heavens. There is unlimited revelation there, in its life, there is heavily gifts, there is special deliverance's, but the life of the chicken is so dull, they are scared, they go about, not really doing much. Immediately there are some in the heaves, all the chicken will be running away looking for cover. But when there are wild storms in the heavenlies, the eagle looks up and flies above that storm.

A fellow was coming to church and he had forty naira in his pocket, twenty naira in one pocket, twenty naira in another pocket. The twenty naira in one pocket is for his feeding, the other twenty naira is for the offering. But as he got down from the bus, somebody faced him with a knife, and said I will kill you now, bring out that money in your pocket. He brought out the twenty naira in his right pocket and gave it to the thief. And the thief ran away. And the brother was now going and said what kind of thing is this. And as he was moving close to church, he said Jesus they have stolen your offering. The one they did not steal is the one for my food o. I hope you will understand. That is the chicken Christian. The eyes of the eagle can behold a far off. The eagle is noted for very great vision. It is the same thing with eagle saint. Those, whose eyes are glued to the things of the eyes, they can not see heavenly things. They need to try and break through into the realm of the spirit. So one way you can know whether you are a chicken or eagle in your spiritual vision. Ordinary prayer for job specification many people do not know. God does not speak to you about your life, Now, you say you want to marry now, it is now God is speaking small things, he is not speaking to you. There are men in the bible, who walked beyond the limitation of their time. The bible says Enoch walked with God, and he was not for God took him. Enoch was an eagle saint. Instead of Enoch to just settle down and be satisfied with what is available in his generation, he said no, I must reach for the skies; something must be better than what I have. Enoch did not live in our kind of days; Enoch did not live when man was walking with God. Adam had died a thousand years earlier. Adam walked with God in the garden and the time that Enoch was with God the earth was filled with violence.
Ungodliness of men was a stench to the nostrils of God. No churches, any baptism of the Holy Ghost, no saviour had come to die for the sin of man. There is no record that there is a bible for him to read. There is nowhere, where they wrote that anybody ever became a saint of God. But in the midst of all these, Enoch believed that he would reach beyond that limitation and walked. The men who lived in his time never believed that a person can escape death but the bible says by faith Enoch believed that he could do it. And he did it. And if you read your bible well, Enoch was the first prophet in the bible He was the first person to say in the bible, thus says the Lord. As far back as Genesis Enoch had prophesied that the Lord Jesus would be coming back Noah too was an eagle Saint. He saw judgement coming although the judgement never came till 120 years time. He prepared for it others who lived in his time had no such vision, they perished. Noah had never had Enoch's prophesy, he too was born at a time when the wickedness of men was great and causing God to regret that he had made man but he stood out. And said sorry, I don't want to conform with this your weakness. I too want to move ahead. Elisha was another Eagle saint. The man came from a very rich home, his father was a judge. Elisha was like the kind of person who lived in Victoria Island or Ikoyi and Elijah was in Mushin or Ajegunle, although he occasionally went to the Victoria Island to harass them there. But then this Elisha, the son of a rich man began to pour water on the hands of Elijah; he humbled himself. Anything he was asked to do, he was doing it. He was serving this man who refused to have his bath for three and half years. He was following the man. A day came Elijah was going away and Elisha was following him. Read your bible well, Elisha did not receive any encouragement from following Elijah. In fact several times, Elijah said sit down here, I am going forward, he would say no, I am following you. Sit here, no I am following you, he kept following the man. The sons of the prophet, they called Elisha and said knowest not that your master shall be taken away? He said I know but keep your peace. So those ones could see that Elijah was going. But they had no portion of them to receive his power. They are prophets too Elisha said I am not sitting. If it were some of our unbroken brothers and sisters, they would say you are a wicked man I have being following you, nursing after you, serving you, now you want to go away, you don't even bother to tell me. This is very bad, you are trying to discourage me, okay if you say I should not follow you, go to places He did not say that one. When Elijah saw that the man was an eagle person, then he said what do you want me to do before I am taken from your hands. The man said, I want a double portion of your power. He was looking beyond the realm of Elijah. He said this man is going now, he has only one portion, and I cannot survive with his portion. I want double. Elijah said you have asked for a hard thing because l that you are talking to, I have only 1 , and you say I should give you two. (2) of what I have just 1. It is a hard thing. But he said however if you are able to see me when I am being taken away it shall be so. I am sure prior to that day, Elisha would have stopped eating food. Because it is not with these physical eyes that you are going to see chariots. And the bible said that the chariot came and Elisha saw it and that was it. He received a double portion of power. He became an eagle saint. Unfortunately Elisha died of a broken heart because he had nobody to hand over to. The person that should have taken a four portion was Gahazi. He only succeeded in collecting leprosy. There are many leprosy Christians now in the house of God. Everywhere the sons of the prophets went, when Elisha had received double portion, they said you have become our Oga, we will now bow down to you. But they had a similar opportunity. They said well, we don't want to go that far. We are not that serious yet. Some of our sisters still want to dress like the world, talk like the world walk like them, wear their body lugs and terrible skirts but at the same time they don't want the witches to eat them up. So they will buy prayer rain and be praying that one.

Meanwhile they are misbehaving seriously some where else. You need to become an eagle; the life of an eagle is up there. If you are looking for friends down here, you are wasting your time. They would drag you to hell fire. Those friends that you are looking for and by the time that the trouble of your Jacob would come, there is nobody who at one time or the other will not face the problem; they call it the day of Jacob's trouble. The time that the day of Jacob's trouble will come, your members of this club, that club that you are roaming about with at night will not be able to help you. No they will not be able to help. It is like that brother, don't marry this person, you already have your wife. He said no, he abused the man of God and went away and said I will marry this person. He left his own wife and went and pick up this girl and during childbirth the girl and the baby died. I did not see the man again until one day I saw the man at one corner shaking his head here. What happened? The new girl that he married, died and they wanted to bury her. The family of the girl said no, that we don't bury people like that here. First of all, pay the dowry of a corpse, do the engagement. They collected everything from him, and said now buy a wedding gown and you wear a suit and come. So he wore the suit and went there and they wore wedding suit for the corpse and now wanted to join him in wedlock with the corpse. He said I can not do that one . they said it is our tradition. If we donít wed you with her we can not bury her. He ran away and he was seen one corner here shaking his head. After he had abused the man of God and said well you people are fanatics. If he was an eagle saint, he would have seen well ahead. And know what to do. Another eagle saint was Joseph, when Joseph was in Egypt, he told his brethren, he said I know that the Lord will take you away from this place. But when you leave carry my bones away from here. And when they were leaving Egypt, Moses did not forget, Moses carried the bones in a coffin and twelve men from each tribe, they took their turns in carrying the strange Egyptian coffin through out their journey in the wilderness. God will always reveal his secret to the eagle saint. Joseph could see the future by the eye of the spirit. so truly those children of God that were going in the wilderness, they should have been comforted that one way or the other, they would get to the Promised Land. Because Joseph had said carry my bones. And go and bury it in the Promised Land. So no matter how anybody raged against them, no matter how hard Pharaoh pursued them, it will do no good because there is a coffin in their hand full of bones. And the eagle saint had said it must be buried in the Red Sea. So it must get there since the eagle saint had said it. Sometimes, we pray a single prayer point and some will say well is that all did you see anything I will say, I saw you I mean vision. Give me some psalms. All the cries in Egypt, there was a coffin of bones to show them that there will be deliverance one day. All the people complaining by the Red Sea, telling Moses that they would perish here, they were carrying a coffin filled with the bones of Joseph, and there was no need to fear. Let all the rebels take up their stones and begin to throw the stones, the bones of Joseph says they will fall. When they talked about death and failure and discouragement, the bones of Joseph was talking about life and victory. All the talk about going back to Egypt, they would not go back. The bones of Joseph said they must go on. He was an Eagle saint. The choice is yours, what do you want to do in these end times when things are becoming rougher and rougher, terrible things are happening, earthquake, flood, all kind of things, witches seem to be gaining power and doing all kind of things. During the annual anointing service, before the service began 5 people were already confessing to witchcraft. Is that the kind of generation you want to sit in and your eyes will not open? Some people marry husband, they don't know the husband they marry. Some marry wives they donít know the wives, they have househelp they donít know who the house help is, they employ staff they don't know who the staff is. All of a sudden, God just open their eyes and see what is happening. A sister came to one of our meetings that was held at MFM Ikeja branch, We really prayed that day about the fire of God coming into our lives. She prayed with anger because she saw her position. How can things be walking all over my body and I say I have Holy Spirit. How can my husband go to work early in the morning and then they say strange women has taken away half of his money. She got mad and prayed with that madness. Little did she know that the problem was under her roof; the house help. When she got home, she was praying that Lord I thank you for taken me to this meeting. And for bringing me back home. And all of a sudden God opened her eyes and she saw a duplicate of the house help flying out of her body. The thing went into the roof and disappeared, she said yea. And called the house help who are you? She said you mean you donít know that I am a witch? why do you think the leg of your son is not working? Who do you think is making your husband to give money to strange women. This strange woman is one of our group. I thought you know. She said I donít know. The house help said, what kind of rubbish prayers do you say you are praying? She said she felt ashamed. (Pray with fire like this. Spirit of darkness, fly away from my life in the name of Jesus.

The other time a medical doctor drag his daughter here and the daughter was confessing to witch craft. The daddy was telling me that he took her to a prayer meeting somewhere and when they got back home, the girl said, Daddy, thank you for this prayer meeting, you took us to. Because before we went to that prayer meeting, we only had red birds, we did not have black birds, but from that prayer meeting, we were able to collect them . the man was scared . He was calling himself. Dr. Deacon. I said Oga remove this Deacon from the front of your name quick, quick. We need to locate our position and new position ourselves to be blessed. What do we do now? How do we become an eagle saint? It is very simple, if you are prepared to pay the price.


  1. The first thing is submission.
    Submit yourself completely to the Lord. Don't be the kind who throws away the large earring to go and buy small, small ones again. Don't keep saying, well, well, they are too strict in this place. I want to go to a place that is liberal. That liberality is license to hell fire. It is a license to bondage. Some sisters now, when they get home, they go to work, they will look like masquerades . By the time they are coming in the evening again, they have taken away the Jezebelian attachment and they will begin to sing Holy. Who are they deceiving, themselves? I will not be surprised, if there are brothers around, who have chains on their necks. I don't know what they are doing with it. Putting a chain on their neck. They are not submissive yet. The bible says submit yourself to God. When you are completely submitted, then now you resist the devil, then it shall flee. But if you do not submit and you say, devil I resist, that one will say haven't you read the bible, that says having in readiness to avenge all disobedience when your own obedience is complete. When your own obedience is not complete and you are binding and losing. It will say: okay, no problem. Sometimes it is not necessary to talk, shut your mouth, when there is nothing to say. Sometimes it is not necessary to even receive a visitor when you know that each time this visitor come, he draws you back. To the mud. You say this is my boyfriend, this is my fiancťe, but the kind of fiancťe that you have is that any time, the fellow comes around, your spiritual life goes backward, then you should check what you are doing.

  2. Humble yourself. There is nothing that you have that you did not receive. It is God that gave it to you. Don't be proud on anything. Humble yourself before the Lord.

  3. Be hungry and thirsty for spiritual growth. You will look at yourself and said certainly, I am not supposed to be like this. Certainly I must have an improvement. Certainly I must be an eagle Christian. This kind of life is not okay for me. Certainly God must move me forward. You must hunger and thirst for spiritual growth. The bible says blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled because they are hungry for it. And hunger and thirst, they are not very good things. When somebody is really hungry, he would not be able to know whether there is salt in the food or not it is only when you are not hungry that you would say there is no salt in this food. It is because somebody is not thirsty that you would say, actually I don't drink from water in the tap. I only drink bottled water, It is because he is not thirsty yet. When he is thirsty, he will dire at that water. So hunger and thirst, they are not very nice things. They are things pushing you forward.

  4. Pray until something happens to your spiritual life. That is, until you receive a visitation, don't leave where you are. Spend long time talking with the Lord. Don't worry what it will cost you. Instead of sitting down to begin to worry and begin to harass your brain unnecessarily and begin to ask yourself strange questions, am I the only one, why are they worrying me like this, I am the only child of my parent, they should leave me alone. Instead of harassing yourself with that kind of question, if it is business that is bothering you. If you get on your knee, and you refuse to leave that place, until you hear from heaven, something will happen. But the thing is this; you can not force God to talk to you. You have to wait there. He may decide to talk to you after the first day, after the second day, after the third day, after the fourth day after the seventh day, but he will definitely speak if you stay there long enough. The trouble is that, many of us are impatient when it comes to the things of God.


  1. O Lord search me today and make me whole in the name of Jesus.

  2. Lord I thank you for the favors I have received so far in the name of Jesus.

  3. Lay your hand on your chest and pray like this: Every slavery in my life, break in the name of Jesus.

  4. For those who want unexpected income to arise, pray like this in faith; I claim unexpected income in the name of Jesus.

  5. I receive increase of prosperity in the name of Jesus.

  6. No weapon formed against my destiny shall prosper in the name of Jesus.

  7. I quench every evil candle lighted against me in the name of Jesus.

  8. Every power pulling down my spiritual life die in the name of Jesus.

  9. My eyes open by fire in the name of Jesus.

  10. O Lord, whenever evil people are before me, expose them, in the name of Jesus.

  11. Lay your hands on your stomach and pray like this.