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Dr. D. K. Olukoya

Beloved, before we go into this message, I would like you to make the following declaration: “I am not a second class citizen. I declare that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Any power trying to pull me down must scatter to pieces because my feet are on the Rock of ages who will never fail me. I decree that God has something special for me and every stage of my life shall glorify His name. If others are going through a particular problem in my family, my case is different because I am a child of the living God and the hand of the Lord is upon my life, in Jesus’ name.”

Our message this week, which is entitled, “Breaking the evil link,” would focus on a particular item, which has been a source of hindrance for many. We are going to concentrate all our prayers on this area since the Holy Spirit is emphasizing it. Several years ago, a certain man was brought to one of our meetings. He had gone to an all-night party and while the party was on, he told the fellow sitting close to him that he wanted to go and ease himself and the person directed him to the right place. So he went and over there, he saw a relative of his who was dead and he said, “What are you doing at the back of this building?” And the supposed ghost gave him a dirty slap. People wanted to take him to the hospital but he told them to take him to a church that his case was not a hospital one. At the time he was brought to the meeting, his mouth was bent to one side. Members of his family followed him to the church but they were not interested in praying. They pitched a small camp at the back of the church where they cooked his meals and people were going there to pray for them. But I noticed that even during service, these people who came with him were not interested in what we were saying. They just sat down there. I told them that that was a church and if they did not want to pray, they should please excuse us. They said, “You cannot force us to pray. We shall take our brother away.” I said, “Okay, take your brother away.” But the man kept begging that I should not allow them to take him away, that if they did, I would not see him alive again. He knew that he was not safe with them. But one afternoon, they smuggled him out and about 50 meters from the church, the man died in their car. He was slapped by a dead man and surrounded by evil agents who followed him to the house of God and eventually finished him up. Then they rushed back to the church and started crying and saying that he was dead. I asked them why they took him away from the church but none of them answered. What happened to that man? There was an evil link between him and members of his family, which he discovered too late.

There was also the case of a particular sister who at 45, never had a bachelor who showed any interest in her not to talk of proposing marriage to her. It was only married men with many wives that were coming to her. She came to me and I gave her a prayer point which says, “Lord, show me the secret behind this problem, in the name of Jesus.” She prayed the prayer point and in a dream, she saw herself in a big wedding in the dream. At the wedding was a big choir, and a very fat pastor conducting the wedding. Then something told her to look at the face of the bridegroom who was just saying, “I will” to everything they were saying. By the time she looked at the bridegroom, behold it was her own father and she woke up. She didn’t understand. I explained to her that it meant that spiritually, she was married to her daddy. She said, “Well, I just know that we are close. I am closer to him than my mummy and he talks to me about deep things which he doesn’t talk to mummy about.” So, her daddy was not really ready to release her to any man. Spiritually, he got her engaged. That is what we call an evil link. If someone is under such linkage, it has to be broken. Many years ago too, I knew a lady whose mother had died 10 years earlier but had never accepted that she was dead. She told me that she spoke to her everyday. She said, “If you offend me, I will report you to her.” Evil link.

These kinds of things are not the kinds of things any born again Christian should be seeing or experiencing because the Bible says that it is given unto man to die once and after that judgment. The Bible also says that there is no relationship between the dead and the living. The eternal words of those angels to the disciples of Jesus were “Why are you seeking the living amongst the dead?” The people I have just described are examples of those who are being remotely controlled through an unprofitable communication system.

In a small book entitled, “Bitten by Demons” there is the story of a certain girl who was always screaming that some things were biting her. Nobody could see the things biting her but the marks of the bites were all over her body. She was taken to the doctors but the doctors could not help her. They could not even diagnose her problem. The government brought her on air and called the best doctors; neuro-physicians, psychiatrists, etc, but they could not help. Then they brought her on air and said anyone who could help should please come. It was then a certain preacher turned up and said he knew what to do. He asked if anyone knew what was biting the girl but no one could answer him. To address the problem, he first of all gave them a lecture on the three forces in the universe:

1. Positive power which is the power of the Almighty God.
2. Negative power which is the power of the devil.
3. Neutral power which is the power of man. He explained to them that this can either go positive or negative. There are many people now who mix both the negative and positive powers.

He told them that whatever power was biting the girl could not be the positive power. Both the doctors and other people present there agreed with him. Then he started praying, and as he prayed, the girl started screaming saying that all the things biting her were all there and the man of God said, “Yes, let all of them come, I will deal with them.” And to the glory of God, he dealt with the problem in the name of Jesus. That incidence threw the evangelist into limelight. He cut the link between the girl and the demons and she was free. Why were they able to terrorize her for that long? There was a link.

There are some men who are controlled by their mothers and to marry such people, you have a battle to fight. I have seen a case where whenever the mother-in- law came to visit, she would sleep on the same bed with her son while his wife slept in a different room and the man couldn’t see anything wrong in it. When his wife complained, the man said she should stop complaining, after all that was the person he was sleeping with before he met her. My prayer is that every evil link affecting your life shall break, in the name of Jesus.

There could be an evil link between friends. Some of the people we call friends in school are not friends. In fact, there are so many people we call friends that are sent against us to steal our virtues.

A certain young man came to me crying. What was his problem? Sometime ago, he went to a lagoon front to relax and according to him, he was looking at the lagoon and suddenly, he fell into some sort of sleep and by the time he opened his eyes, he found a woman sitting beside him. He didn’t know where the woman came from. She started complaining about JAMB admission, etc. and he got carried away and committed immorality with her. Since that day, every marriage plans he had failed. Every nice woman he got involved with, ran away. They did not want to stay even though he had everything that could make them comfortable. But the prostitutes liked to stay longer. What happened? There was an evil link between him and the strange woman at the lagoon.

There could be an evil tie between children and parents which needs to be broken before there could be marital breakthrough. There could be an evil tie between a person and an adulterer. This is why sex outside marriage is wrong and bad. A person’s problem may sometimes be traced to a casual relationship with a married man or married woman. I got a letter from a young man of 22 in the university. He financed his education by looking around for women who could pay him money to sleep with them. So, there are so many women who play games with their husbands. He got one who wanted more than a casual relationship. She brought him into her matrimonial home and explained to her husband that he was her junior brother from the village. One day, the husband caught them and sued for divorce. The 47 year- old woman and the young man of 22 were ashamed but they could not split. The woman said, “You made me lose my husband, so you stay.” Then the boy wrote me a letter saying, “Sir, I heard that you are coming to Kaduna. I know that my wife /husband will not allow me to go out. Please Sir, help me with prayers. Try and help me sir, but don’t send anybody to this address because if she knows about it, she would kill me.” An evil link. Even if that woman died, he would still be in trouble. Sometimes, some people think they are very smart, not knowing that they are looking for trouble.

There could be an evil tie between close friends. If you sit down and review your friends right from secondary school to primary school and begin to put their spiritual lives on the ladder of fire, the Holy Spirit might help you to locate the terrible ones among them who have done evil things against you. There could be an evil tie between a person and a group. This could come in the form of binding agreements.

There could be an evil tie formed by fornication and immorality. The more women or men you sleep with outside marriage, the tighter the linkage would be. This is why the Bible warns us seriously against these kinds of things.

This then will answer a lot of questions that have been troubling the minds of many. Questions like: Why is it that certain problems are always sticking to certain people? Why is it that sometimes after hot prayers, some problems become stronger? Why is it that sometimes a problem stages a comeback? Why do some evil spirits stick to a particular environment? Why is it that some people see some particular people in the dream all the time? Why should the dead parents of a person keep pursuing the person? Why should the dead friend of somebody keep pursuing the person? Why should a person continue to dream of a particular dangerous animal all the time? Why do some people attach themselves to some people even when they know that it is wrong?

Sometime ago, there was a big fight between a woman and her husband. I went there to pacify them and tell them to stop fighting. But the woman insisted on leaving the man. So I asked what was the problem. The husband said that his wife’s junior sister who was living with them was the one causing problems for them and that he had asked the girl to go back home. The wife caught in and said that if the girl was going, she too would go. Why? Evil link.

Why should an adult of 21 or 25 be cuddling teddy bears or dolls, which she had 15 years ago? This is why Psalms 129: 4: “The Lord is righteous: he hath cut asunder the cords of the wicked.” What is the cord of the wicked? It means their linkage, that with which they operate. Isaiah 5: 18 “Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope.”

We have these passages in the Bible because there could be an evil link between a wicked person and somebody who claims to be righteous. There could also be an evil link between a person and an evil spirit. The evil spirit will not be inside the person. Get that clear. It is not all evil spirits that want to enter people. Some evil spirits don’t operate inside. They stay around, outside, pushing away good things. Why are they around? It is because there is a link.

There could be an evil link between a family idol and a person. There could be a link between a person and a curse running in the person’s family. This is why we have to pray for spiritual surgery so that all these evil links can be destroyed. Spiritually, a lot of people are being pulled around with a spiritual rope like an unwilling goat going for slaughter. Such ropes must break today, in Jesus’ name. If you don’t break these things, the soul ties would remain and your life would become a dumping ground for the enemy.

When these links are in place, you would be following another person blindly. You will be fulfilling the desire of another person and may also be experiencing the problems that person is passing through. It can give rise to false love. You may call it love whereas it is lust. It may cause relationship based on lust, witchcraft, domination, etc. These spiritual cords just have to be broken. It is important for you to ensure that none of these linkages are in place.

If, for example, when you were in the world, you had a boyfriend whom you almost married or a girlfriend you were almost going to marry, if that tie is still in place in the spirit, getting a fresh person would be a problem. There are many people who have left their pictures behind in the house of their former girlfriends and boyfriends. Only heavens know what they do with those pictures now. So, now is the time to deal with these issues once and for all. Please, pray the following prayer points with holy madness:


1. I break every evil unbiblical cord. Break, break, break, in the name of Jesus.
2. I break every evil unbiblical cord by fire, in the name of Jesus.
3. Evil spiritual parents, release me now, in the name of Jesus.
4. Evil spiritual partners, release me now, in the name of Jesus.
5. Evil spiritual marriage, release me now, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every enemy of my marital breakthrough, loose your hold, in the name of Jesus.
7. Every spiritual competitor against my marriage be scattered, in the name of Jesus.
8. I remove every garment magnetizing anything evil to me, in the name of Jesus.
9. Begin to thank the Lord for His deliverance upon your life, in Jesus’ name.