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Dr. D. K. Olukoya

In these last days, many mighty men are falling. Many that were walking before have been converted to crawlers, and those managing to crawl have been completely paralysed. Those who are supposed to be eating bread are drinking milk, and those who were drinking milk before are now taking water. These are the last days and the Bible says that there would be perilous times. The word perilous means difficult to restrain, dangerous, mad, etc. The Bible also says that at this time, evil men shall wax stronger and stronger. They shall be cleverer in their evil design. The Bible says there shall be intense satanic revival because the devil will put his best possible in his work of destruction. As Christians, we cannot afford to sit down and allow the enemy to be having a field day pulling Christians down, paralyzing their prayer lives and throwing away their Bibles in the dream. We must declare to him that enough is enough. Therefore, I would like you to pray these prayer points:

a. I receive the anointing to disgrace every satanic arrow, in the name of Jesus.
b. I refuse to follow the pattern of Samson in my spiritual life, in the name of Jesus.

When your life becomes the electric current of the Almighty, anyone that touches you for evil purpose shall be electrocuted because it is written: “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.” Pray again like this:

“Every strange hand that has touched my life, wither, in the name of Jesus.”

“Every contrary wind blowing against my life, be silenced permanently, in the name of Jesus.”

Beloved, because of the seriousness of the period we are in, we are considering what I call “The adult crawlers.” Habakkuk 1:6-10: “For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs. They are terrible and dreadful: their judgement and their dignity shall proceed of themselves. Their horses also are swifter than the leopards, and are more fierce than the evening wolves: and their horsemen shall spread themselves, and their horsemen shall come from far; they shall fly as the eagle that hasteth to eat. They shall come all for violence: their faces shall sup up as the east wind, and they shall gather the captivity as the sand. And they shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn unto them: they shall deride every stronghold; for they shall heap dust, and take it.”

Our God is a King, and kings are fond of raising armies. Here you can see the kind of army that was raised up by the Lord. It was the kind of army that was not ready to take no for an answer. A part of the passage says, “...they shall deride every stronghold...” meaning that they will laugh at the enemy.

Men are supposed to be walking while babies crawl. But now, evil powers have converted many men to adult crawlers and have even made many adults to retire and expire. So, if you must walk and not crawl, you must be violent spiritually. As far as God is concerned, no matter your age, as far as you are born again and you are available, He can use you. God is not looking for ability, He is looking for availability. However, if you do not become violent, the enemy can make you to retire and expire.

A certain woman was made the principal of one of the best secondary schools in this country. Everything was going on well until one day a student came into her office and asked her if she was the new principal and she said yes. The girl further asked her whether she was aware of what happened to her predecessor and before she could say a word, she said to her, “Let me warn you. The person who left this place did not pray this sort of prayer you are praying. You know that you don’t have fire and you are praying this kind of prayer. You have to be very careful.” Before she could stand up to respond, she started feeling dizzy. The whole office started to turn around in her eyes and she fell on the floor. By the time she opened her eyes, she found herself on a hospital bed with drips. All she could remember was that she was in her office talking to a student. After sometime, she was discharged from the hospital and she went back to school. But right from that day, she started seeing a wall anytime she went out. This wall would suddenly appear and she would try to push it away, and she was the only one seeing it. Even when she wanted to cross the road, the wall would appear and she would stay in the middle of the road trying to push it away, thereby constituting herself a nuisance to other road users. Her enemies wanted to make her retire and expire before her time. Make the following confession: “I refuse to expire and the enemy will not retire me, in the name of Jesus.” That was the prayer point the woman prayed and the Lord delivered her. If she did not know what to do, she would be pushing an invisible wall all her life.

Many years ago, I had the privilege of meeting with a very important person in this country. He came to me crying. I asked what was the matter and he said: “My wife travelled abroad and before she left, she had been warning me about womanizing but I never listened. I wish I had listened to her.” What happened? He picked up a girl at a party, took her home and committed immorality with her. In the middle of the night as he wanted to go and ease himself, he discovered that the girl had her two legs on the wall. He tried to remove the legs but they were so heavy that he could not lift them. Then I asked him what he did when he could not lift the legs off the wall. He said, “I broke down and wept because my wife had warned me.” Nobody needed to tell him that he was already in trouble. Eventually, he went for deliverance and God in His mercy, delivered him. He was lucky that he knew the right place to go. He would have expired and would have been retired.

There are so many men who have been retired by powers of darkness. The devil does not respect or know gentleness. Unprofitable gentility must go. You must refuse to make your life a playground for your oppressors, in the name of Jesus. Let me share a testimony with you. Three sisters from the eastern part of this country noticed that seven people out of the thirteen living in their family died within three months. Only three of them were born again. They ran to a man of God to find out what was happening. The man of God prayed and saw a revelation that there was a tree planted in their compound from where they plucked vegetables for food. But a fetish power was planted underneath the tree. The idea was that anyone who ate its leaves would die. The man of God prayed again to know why the tree was poisonous and the Lord told him that somebody with whom they were fighting over a land did it because he wanted to eliminate everybody so that he would take over the land. The man of God then asked the Lord what would be done to save the situation. The Lord told them to pray that the fetish planted under the tree should be uprooted. The other three people who were not born again went to a herbalist who told them that it was because they did not give a thorough burial to their grandfather that people were dying in the family. He told them to do a thorough burial and the problem would stop. They were thoroughly deceived. As they were running around looking for money for the burial, the people of God prayed and the tree dried to the root and the problem stopped. Nobody died again. If they were not born again and had gone to do a thorough burial, they would have ended up strengthening their enemy. Pray like this:

- Every satanic material buried for my sake, be roasted by fire, in the name of Jesus.
- Any power carrying about sacrifices against me, be disgraced by the sacrifice, in the name of Jesus.


If you will walk and not crawl, you must become violent. The Bible says that light shines into darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it. Light will always prevail over darkness. Shadows cannot drive light away. When the sun rises, there is no power of darkness that can go against it. So, in a sense, light is more aggressive than darkness. Christians are meant to be militant and the most aggressive force in the whole of the world. Most often, until you identify what you are fighting and deal with it aggressively, it stares you in the face. Pray this prayer: “I release myself from every demonic ignorance, in the name of Jesus.”


1. SATANIC VESSELS: If God has a duty to perform, He looks for proper vessel to use. Moses was a vessel. Elijah was a vessel and Paul, too, was a vessel. These three men collected spiritual power from on high and transferred them to men. This is why the Bible says, “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace.” When a man who preaches the gospel of peace enters a place, his presence ushers in many good things into the place. Likewise the devil has vessels that he sends to people. He puts dangerous weapons in their bodies to use against the children of God. He sends them to cause confusion in the house of God and even in marriages. Some of the people who come to church are actively working for the devil. For example, gossips, backbiters, liars, etc. They are all working for the devil. I feel sorry for such people because they can receive what is known as friendly fire. In military terms, friendly fire means an accidental shoot-out against somebody who is in the same camp with you but is looking like an enemy.

There are satanic vessels planted all over the place. They are sent to homes to break them. A woman brought some materials to us to be burnt. Among the items was a broom which caught my attention. I asked her what it was used for and she said that before she got born again she was a husband snatcher. When she used the broom to sweep the front of any house she wanted to take over, any woman in charge there would surely leave. These evil vessels are sent to places to cause problems.

It is a pity for a human being to submit himself to be used as a vessel by the devil. Vessels of the enemy would cause problem somewhere and when the problem starts, they would be the first sympathizers to arrive at the scene. Whereas they were the ones who engineered it. God will save you from every false friend, in Jesus’ name.

A brother thought that he had friends. He was the only one that had a car among his friends. He did not know that they were not happy. One day he gave them lift and dropped them off one after the other at their various destinations. Unknown to him, one of them put something in the car. As he was passing through a railway crossing and a train was coming, his car stopped suddenly and refused to move. He tried to move the car but the car refused to move, so he put the gear in free position, jumped out and tried to push the car away from the track, still the ca r could not go. Then he called on the God of Elijah. That was what saved him.

Some people’s unfriendly friends are sitting on their books, certificates, marriages, promotion letters, academics, career, etc. As long as they sit on these things, they won’t be useful to the owners. Some have friends who would smile at them but when they are not there, they would spoil and backbite them. Such friends are evil vessels and must be dealt with.

There are many people with witchcraft spirit going round looking for people they would harm. One day, at a popular bus-stop in Lagos, there was a man selling demonic wares. I watched as he advertised them one after the other. He held up a padlock and said, “With this one, you can lock up anybody. If one person’s life does not spoil, another person’s life cannot be good, so you must spoil another’s person’s life for yours to become good.” He went further to say, “Is it your boss in the office that is annoying you, lock him up so that you can take his position...” I thought nobody would buy but I was wrong as one man put his hand up and asked how much it cost and he said N1,500.00. The man paid for the padlock and took it and was asked if there were any rules he must observe concerning it. He brought out another one, an animal horn and after he advertised it, a woman bought it and left. Satanic people selling their wares in a public place.

Some people notice that at certain periods of the night, they feel as if their heads were swelling up and they would not know what is happening. It is simply because there were evil vessels around. Some notice that they are being choked on their beds while some notice cold feeling all over their body. These are signs that there are satanic vessels around and they must be paralysed. Some of these evil vessels transfer demons into the lives of people through handshakes. We must avoid such evil handshakes. Those who have no fire in them are most affected by these wicked operations of evil vessels. Make the following declaration before you read further: “Woe unto that vessel that the enemy will use against me, in the name of Jesus.” So, anyone who releases himself as a vessel for the enemy to be used will have himself or herself to blame for whatever happens. Evil vessels convert adults to crawlers.


There are many satanic satellites monitoring the life of millions. This is why sisters should be very careful what they put on. Anything you attach to your hats or dresses that looks like an eye of a fish must be thoroughly checked out. Most of such things are watchers which monitor people. You have to be very careful. A lot of people are being controlled from afar. Those who are directing their lives are not even living in the same town with them. They are far away in dark places doing all kinds of things. If you see the amount of satanic wickedness that goes on at night, you would be shocked. Many years ago, my family and I lived in the same environment with a man who had many wives and children. One day, we saw one of his wives with a newborn baby and we asked her when she gave birth to the baby and she said it was the previous day. By the third day, we did not see her with the child again so we asked her about her baby and she said, “Daddy has used it.” Used it for what?” we asked, her and she said: “For juju (charms).” There are many people like that around. I know something: “My own name is not in the list of candidates for eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood. My name is not in the list of those under demonic control. What about you? There are lots of remote controlling powers operating in our environment. This is why many people fail at the edge of miracles. At the time such people are supposed to move up, the remote controlling powers press a button like that of a television set and they cannot go forward.

Beloved, if you find that as an adult you are crawling instead of walking or running, please, pray the following prayer points with holy madness to release yourself from the grip of satanic vessels.


1. Every remote controlling power, I dash you to pieces, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every satanic padlock working against my breakthrough, fall down and perish, in the name of Jesus.
3. Let my prayers provoke angelic violence against my oppressors, in the name of Jesus.
4. I will become all that God wants me to become, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every power hindering my advancement, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
6. I move forward in every area of my life, in the name of Jesus.